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Teen Girls and the "Selfie" Arms Race

So, I came across this article by schoolgirl Olympia Nelson, decrying the “sexual rat race” of selfies on social media. She complains that they all converge on a single formula, which obtain the most “likes” on Instagram and Faceboook: “Nothing with too much creativity but hip, titty and kiss. 1,103 more words

Could Selfies be making us sick?

Selfie – taking a picture of yourself and posting it on social media.

OK so before you accuse me of becoming selfie-obsessed I’ll get in first and say ‘why of course I am, isn’t everyone?’ 801 more words


Hypersexualisation, Social Media, and the 'Selfie'

It’s been rife in the media for years – the hypersexualisation of women, but with the evolution of the social phenomena known as the ‘selfie’, it’s not just half-dressed celebrities being splashed across our screen, but our own children. 393 more words

Olympia Nelson

Make Belinda minister of child nudity

Today’s Daily Telegraph brings with it several letters in response to the nude picture of six year old Olympia Nelson on the cover of Art Australia Monthly. 286 more words


On air: Taking pictures of naked children, art or abuse?

A demure photograph of a naked female sitting on a rock with white cliffs in the background. Not that controversial you may think, what if I then say the… 283 more words

First Thing

A bunch of childish idiots

“It’s safe to say that he thinks they’re a bunch of idiots of bringing this up again.”

An “art insider” is quoted on the rumpus over the nude photograph of a six year old girl as featured on the cover of Art Monthly Australia.

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