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A taste of data analysis

Playing around with some data on protoshell length taken by Ryann (PSRF intern) from the salinity experiment.

In R:

 > plot(Length~Population, data = sal30df)

Did an anova: 118 more words

Lab Notebook

Wednesday 8/12/15- Friday 8/14/15

Wednesday 8/12/15

Larvae tanks

  • NF_Tank2_160 (224) -> NF cultch set
  • NF_Tank2_160 (100) -> swimmers only
  • HC_Tank2_160 (224) -> HC cultch set
  • HC_Tank2_160 (100) -> swimmers only…
  • 291 more words
Lab Notebook

Monday 8/10/15 and Tuesday 8/11/15

Monday 8/10/15

Larvae tanks

  • NF_Tank2_160 (224) -> 10,500 total: 500 for DNA, rest to NF_SetB
  • NF_Tank2_160 (100) -> swimmers only
  • HC_Tank2_160 (224) -> 9,187 total: 500 for DNA, 5,187 added to HC_SetB, rest to cultch set…
  • 395 more words
Lab Notebook

Friday 7/31/15

Nine larvae/setting tanks to clean! Michael and I had an evening flight out east for his cousin’s wedding, so today was a pretty rushed day trying to get everything done and still make the 4:05p ferry. 243 more words

Lab Notebook

Tuesday 7/28/15 and Wednesday 7/29/15

Tuesday 7/28/15

New Larvae

  • HC: 0
  • SS: some
  • NF: 0


Set up an “overflow” setting system for larvae that do not go into the tile set-up. 530 more words

Lab Notebook

Setting up for Setters (Monday 7/27/15)

On Monday 7/20/15 and Wednesday 7/22/15 I screened out the “160” tanks over 224 micron screens to see if any larvae were ready to settle. This is the same size class used by the hatchery to separate larvae out to put in their setting system. 329 more words

Lab Notebook

Wednesday 6-24-15

Steven Roberts came to help out today, which made the Wednesday cleaning/collecting larvae only take about 2.5 hours. He did all of the larval counts, filtered out the SS larval catches, and cleaned many of the buckets. 260 more words

Lab Notebook