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On the way to Sol Duc Falls, you pass over this stream falling down the hillside towards the Sol Duc River, the surrounding rocks covered in the most beautiful moss.



This old giant in the Quinault Rain Forest had a little tunnel running underneath its ancient roots. Perhaps this tree was nursed by an even older tree that fell and has long since rotted away. 80 more words


Elephant Toes

Wood sorrel nestles up at the base of a moss-covered tree in the Quinault Rain Forest in Olympic National Park.


Waiting Patiently

As much as I love hiking, it always makes me smile when returning to the trailhead to see my car peeking at me through the trees. 46 more words


Drops of Rain, Waves of Rust

In the top picture, rain drops have just started to pelt the side of the old moving van at the Kestner Homestead in Olympic National Park, but years in the rain forest has both figuratively and literally left waves of rust on the decaying truck. 33 more words



These wood sorrel leaves, wet with rain above a bed of moss, reminded me of butterflies with their wings outspread. I was hiking along the Kestner Homestead Trail in the Quinault Rain Forest after an earlier rain, and when I came back past the rain returned with me, pounding down in buckets. 55 more words


My Top 10 Long National Park Hikes #9

My Top 10 National Park Hikes (over 6 miles)

I completed the list of my Top 10 Short National Park Hikes over a month ago, so I guess it’s about time I start the list of my favorite longer hikes.  298 more words

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