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Staircase to Heaven

The Ginger and CDB wanted to get to their flight by 4pm, which meant we had time for only one short hike.  We chose to go to Staircase Monument, since it was on the way to SeaTac, but still promised a lovely view of a waterfall. 186 more words


Visit to the Mount Olympic National Park!

Out of all the National Parks that I have visited, my favorite so far has been Mount Olympic National Park in the Pacific North West. Crystal clear lake water surrounded by tall evergreen trees all year round, Olympic peninsula is one of a kind. 670 more words


Being there..."Senssurround"

One of the northern-most places in the contiguous U.S.  ~  Hobuck beach on the Makah Indian reservation. On the edge of the landscape stroked, bruised and burnished by the Pacific ocean. 510 more words

falling expectations

They stand there sometimes. All decked out in resilient glory, strong and unwavering in their strength. Immovable. Giants, overlooking over my every move. Those unspoken words that humans assume. 678 more words

Across the Olympics, Day 15: Home

August 12, 2017
Seven Stream to Lake Cushman
North Fork Skokomish Trail


Home today!

There’s not much hiking left to do, and lots of time to do it in. 437 more words


Across the Olympics, Day 14: Faded Trails

August 11, 2017
Sundown Lake to Seven Stream
Six Ridge Trail


I wake up early (before the bugs!), rush through a quick breakfast, and start up the trail Six Ridge Pass. 891 more words