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KL buildings

I have been shooting a lot of buildings/cityscape lately. Playing around with processing in a way to highlight the light/shadow, atmosphere and the 3D structure of the buildings. 159 more words

Chinese New Year at Temple (2nd Day)

As Chinese custom, we will visit a lot of temple during Chinese New Year to pray and pay homage. It for good luck and a lot of people going to temple to get a divination of the year. 172 more words

1st Day of Chinese New Year at Temple

As per chinese custom, we believe that if you burn incense joss stick in the first day of Chinese New Year, it marks a good starting of the year. 99 more words

Shadow, light, line and mood

Most of the pictures I feel have impact will have some kind of shadow, light, line, mood, minimalist, story, etc. This may be because this pictures are not something we always see or it may be effecting the mood with low or high key nature. 109 more words

A man with his camera

Most of the people who knows me well, knows that I always carry my camera along to any places I go. I just love shooting. I also shoot a lot of common photo which do not seems any special. 114 more words

Pre Chinese New Year (4)

The good thing about Chinese New Year for photography is the weather normally change to intense nice blue sky and sunshine which is very suitable for photography shooting. 82 more words

Pre Chinese New Year (3)

Chinese New Year went off like speeding bullet. It seems like nice time will move very fast. I am trying to enjoy every moment of the extremely exciting Chinese New Year activity. 32 more words