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Photo Challenge Week 3

Oh this poor little neglected blog.

Clearly, I am quite late on posting the third week of the photo challenge I began three, nope, four months ago! 126 more words


Photo Challenge - Week Two.

A little bit behind in my photo challenge. No surprises there! I’m actually doing pretty good with taking more pictures. Its just the posting them to my blog part that holds me up!


Kate and Ollie.

This was an impromptu Oakland photo sesh with my good friend, Kate and her adorable little guy, Ollie. Aren’t they lovely? Ollie just happens to be Eddie’s bff. 48 more words


Candy Floss Hill

When the weather forces your hand and you shoot a California that seems too foreign to convention. Here I may have gone a bit mad in the digital darkroom, but how else am I going to find a cozy nook in it?


Garden Pets

Two snails (which may be Helminthoglypta dupetithouarsii) have taken up residence in the bird of paradise plant on my patio.  They are helping me to figure out how to use the macro feature on my camera because they pose for me!  8 more words

Living And Learning

When Old is Beautiful but Still Too Old

I found myself emboldened by my ~10 year old photos that had passed muster over in Oxford and did a dip in the archives. I came across a few pomegranate studies I had shot in 2005 on my first Olympus Digital Camera, C350Z. 37 more words


The Power of...

Taking photos you find interesting. My whole life has seen examples of me photographing the world. Funny enough, I appear very little in recorded history. Maybe most people that prefer the safety of the creative process from behind the scenes feel similarly. 187 more words