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The adrenaline amps up in the new trailer for 'London Has Fallen'

The brand new trailer for London Has Fallen has arrived, and it’s promising a rollercoaster of high-speed action that will increase with every passing second. 91 more words

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The New Year Approacheth

The new year starts in a couple of days and Husband brought up resolutions. As in, he wants help to recap and then refocus. I don’t think I made proper resolutions this time last year because I was dragging the other ones with me, but I also feel like it’s time to recap and refocus. 300 more words

Second Breakfast Is Such a 'Southpaw'

Southpaw (2015)

The Plot: The obnoxiously-named Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal) has just won the world heavy-weight boxing championship of the world boxing champion belt trophy prize, and is currently just living it up in his AWESOME MANSION with his HOT WIFE (Rachel McAdams) and PRECOCIOUS FEMALE CHILD (a child actress). 719 more words

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London Has Fallen Trailer

There have been numerous trailers released with movies I had no idea were being made. This one is one of those movies and it happens to be a sequel that I never saw coming. 262 more words


London Has Fallen - Trailer

Following on from the 2013 film Olympus has Fallen, when a terrorist attack on the white house leaves one secret service agent , Gerard Butler,capable of saving the president, Aaron Eckhart, who has been taken hostage, we have London has fallen which is essentially following the same premise only bigger and with more world leaders. 88 more words


Trailer Park: London Has Fallen

I wasn’t very impressed with “Olympus Has Fallen.” I even had it ranked #4 in my worst movies of 2013. But “London Has Fallen” looks pretty damn good. 17 more words


I Keep My Coat On The Floor Tonight Because She's Gone

I Keep My Coat On The Floor Tonight Because She’s Gone

the population of yesterday is waging war against the past-

urized dignity of my dick staring out the window at the rain… 130 more words