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Olympus Has Fallen ***(Out of 4)

Consensus: “Olympus Has Fallen” takes the “Die Hard” formula and applies it to the White House and sticks Gerard Butler in lead role. Everything about this movie is by the numbers and I enjoyed it. 15 more words


London Has Fallen - Film Review

I quite liked ‘Olympus Has Fallen‘. It was dumb but fun. This is more of the same, if not quite as good. It’s still a bit ‘Die Hard’, only this time in London. 457 more words


Olympus Has Fallen - Film Review

This film was never going to be revolutionary. It was never going to be amazing, or perfect or anything particularly new. It was just going to be loud, dumb, stupid action packed fun with extra blood spurts and swearing. 266 more words


The Year Of The Mask: President Two-Face

Our foe did not come only to destroy our things or our people. They came to desecrate our way of life. To foul our beliefs. Trample our freedom.

1,022 more words

Imagining Apocalypse in the Information Age

Those who live in natural disaster-prone regions are familiar with the buzzing, dissonant tone that characterizes an Emergency Alert System (EAS) notification. These systems were developed in the uncertain days of the Cold War when the threat of a nuclear attack weighed heavily on the world’s psyche. 975 more words


Olympus Has Fallen (Movie)

The prequel to the amazing ‘London has Fallen’ was the first one to capture attention from the audience.

It kicks off when the president with his wife and child is on his way to a function. 332 more words


Sunday Bloody Awful Sunday - London Has Fallen (2016)

Sometimes you look at the release schedule for the calendar year and think to yourself, “Why and how did this get made?” London Has Fallen… 630 more words