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Intermediate: Mani Stones

Imagine carving a mantra onto a stone: the care, time, patience, strength, and dedication that it would take. Now imagine carving many stone with the same mantra. 144 more words


Inter: Hum - It is so.

Hum in the mantra OM Mani Padme Hum has layers of meaning just as the other words do. Yet, essentially the word has to do with emphasis and a definite statement about reality. 209 more words


Overview of the Koshas

This week’s class looks back at the five koshas or sheaths – the physical sheath, the energy sheath, the everyday mind, the intellect or intuitive sheath and the bliss sheath. 178 more words


Intermediate: Padme - unfolding being

As mentioned before, mantra is about “protecting the mind.” Man comes from the manas = mind (as in sentient-intelligent nature), and tra = to protect. Manas and tra are Sanskrit words. 160 more words


Intermediate: Creator-Creation: OM

Mantra used in spiritual practice has many layers of meaning, significance, and purpose. This is quite effective, in that each person will be met with the amount of meaning, purpose, and understanding that he or she can use, make sense of, and integrate into his or her life. 211 more words