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The atonal jewel in the broken heart

Of the wilted lotus and I guess I’m saying

That I can only guess given this heritage of rebellion 126 more words


The days moved strangely. Tethered to home by the need to be nearby for Mosby I found myself not only cleaning but cleaning out. Mindful that each day was a step closer to the time of parting awareness of the impermanence of life became foremost in my mind. 440 more words

Stone Surprised: Weekly Photo Challenge

Surprise? Wonder? The unexpected? Stones surprise me. I can’t help being attracted to stones – as a three year old I happily spent summer hours digging holes in our back garden for them. 489 more words

Telling Stories

More on Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti means love and selfless devotion.

We’re beginning with nose-to-knee challenge posture. Then we’ll continue with side-stretches and come to sitting through the boat. Checking that we’re up on the ‘sit-bones’, we’ll move into paschimottonasana, the east west stretch, followed by janu-sirsasana (all forms). 138 more words


the story of avalokita

The statue pictured above is Avalokita. This bodhisattva has several names – Chenrèzik, Lokésvara, Guanyin – and is sometime portrayed as a man and sometimes as a woman, but always represents a being who gazes down upon the world. 304 more words


mantra meezingavond: donderdag 23 febr 20:00 uur!

(1x per maand op donderdagavond)
Adres: Spiritual Balance, Boompjesstraat 27, Strijen

De vorige mantra-meezingavond met Sacha & Irene was op donderdag 1 februari en het was weer een hele bijzondere avond! 257 more words