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The Kitchens We Love

There are those kitchens where more memories are made than any other place on earth. I remember when my Oma and Opa moved to Fruitland, Ontario. 258 more words


Strategy of the Void

This is a project I came across in Albert Pope’s Ladders, 1996. It is a gateway into Rem Koolhaas’ deep skepticism towards architectural form. Koolhaas’ 1995 essay… 822 more words


The Whole darn Bunch

Opa never told me about his drawings.

I found one in a box with a stack of his and Oma’s old photographs. A small rectangle of cardstock – measuring about 6″ x 2 1/4.”  Drawn in ink, perhaps with a fountain pen. 441 more words


The painted forest of Oma

For some reason after we left the Basque coast last year I saw pictures popping up on my instagram feed of the forest of Oma and I made the mental note that if I returned to the Basque coast I would go visit. 218 more words



Tombed Visions cassette and download

A short but exceptionally powerful set of recordings from the informal OMA collective. The crew, led by The Ex’s G.W. Sok and backed up by members of Tombed Visions alumni Action Beat and Bad Body, mixes samples, viscous electronics, heartfelt vocals and spoken word texts in a rich and satisfying stew that packs a real emotional punch. 520 more words

Remembering Oma

Fond memories of my Oma (grandmother) stir my mind today as Mother’s Day approaches. She loved to tell me stories, and greatly influenced my love of storytelling (writing). 162 more words