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Nakamori - Does it live up to expectations?

Back in the summer, Zen moved from its Scarborough location to Markham. Since I live closer to the old location, I’ve always wondered what became of it! 479 more words


The Snack Culture Company - Mod-Sin Fusion at Lavender CT Hub

Munch, munch, munch. The Snack Culture Company started off selling interesting bakes at CT Hub such as Haebee Hiam, Laksa or even Rojak Cookies (literally snacks as their name implies). 386 more words


Amami 2

Probably the most cost efficient omakase selection around in the Bay Area. With 10 different pieces of nigiri which include baby lobster, toro and Alaskan salmon; the price of $33 per plate is a steal! 65 more words


The Restaurant Called Omakase

It’s hard to turn back when you get your first taste of high-end edomae-style sushi. It’s simply a different animal compared to your run of the mill Japanese family restaurant. 478 more words


OMG! Omakase!

In Japan, “omakase” means “I’ll leave it to you,” or more precisely, “I trust you.” It’s a common phrase in fine sushi bars, when you put your meal in the hands of the chef and let him make you whatever he feels inspired to moment by moment. 870 more words



401 E 73rd St,
New York, NY 10021
(212) 249-8583

Sasabune used to be our favorite sushi restaurant in NYC. We went 3 years ago for my birthday and it blew our minds. 607 more words

SUSHI | 銀座 鮨一 (Ginza Sushi-ichi)

While LG was certainly well briefed by the internet beforehand, Chef Masa still appeared to be on the younger side to have a rather prominent shop in Ginza, let alone being starred once before in 2012 and now having branches in Singapore and Bangkok. 129 more words