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Hana Japanese Restaurant

The great thing about having the Entertainer App is that it kinda forces you out of your comfort zone and towards trying new restaurant because “hey I already bought the app, might as well use it for other places besides bedrock and fat cow eh” 266 more words


Omakase Naruto Shippuden Box Review

A long over due review but still highly current! This is Kausus and today we are going to be taking a look at one of the most highly sought after Omakase boxes to date! 1,325 more words


Sushisai Wakichi 鮨菜 和喜智

The foodie highlight of our Hokkaido trip in Sapporo landed us at Sushisai Wakichi, a Michelin-starred Japanese sushi restaurant where the chef Mitsuaki Tamura-san operates a minimalist dining experience serving only 8 diners at a time across two seatings each evening. 979 more words


Foodie Fridays - Marumo (Leeming)

*This restaurant has moved to Nedlands, and has started taking bookings.*

Ever woken up and just wanted to be somewhere else? Some days I just wake up feeling like this: 821 more words


The Upcoming Vocaloid Omakase Box Has Me Hyped

As you all know, I play games based on the Vocaloid’s. One of my favorite PS Vita games is actually, Hatsune Miku Project Diva f 2nd. 983 more words


Kishoku: Omakase Japanese Fine Dining

You can say “omakase” is a type of Japanese fine dining. The concept: diners sit at the bar table with a clear view of the chef preparing your meal, and allow the chef to serve whatever he/she decides. 476 more words


{travel} wombmates in tokyo: midori sushi and spring valley brewery

When I travel, it’s very rare when I bump into friends or know people who are going to the same places. So when my old high school friend David told me he was going to be in Japan with his family the same time I was going, we excitedly made plans to meet up. 741 more words