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Sushi Nakazawa; 16.5

What You Should Know:

Chef Nakazawa strays just a bit from his Japanese roots, where he was mentored by Chef Jiro Ono, though he balances contemporary influences with traditional techniques flawlessly in his omakase. 99 more words


Kappo Hasegawa 鮨長谷川

Kappo/sushi restaurant near Rongxing Garden Park with a variety of lunch sets.

Nigiri lunch set: $1500 + 10%

Ziyou: “Another typical Japanese/ nigiri restaurant with omakase service at the counter.  181 more words

$1000 - $2000


I don’t know what the word is
but I’ll find it
for you

Idle promise
made much of
when we were made of much less… 69 more words


Komodo 子元

Upscale sushi/kappo restaurant with omakase courses and a variety of lower-priced lunch sets.

Basic omakase: $1500 + 10% (requested sashimi/sushi only)

Ziyou: “The omakase started off with out-of-this-world, melt-in-your-mouth sashimi and set high expectations for the rest of the meal.   154 more words

$1000 - $2000

Now That I Can Dance

It’s not much of a question
never was
she knows
he thinks he knows
she knows for him just fine

It’s that willingness
to be known for… 7 more words


The Grand Omakase at O Ya

Back in early March I was able to finally dine at a restaurant that’s been on my “Foodie Bucket List” for quite some time. Ever since I feel in love with sushi, I’ve always wanted to try the omakase at… 999 more words


Or Be Lonely

Hand in glove
sans idiom
this idiot
wants hand in hand
a symptom of memory
asymptomatic before her

Vaguery a necessity
in tracing love
her a vaguery… 26 more words