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UAE & Oman

Summer holidays have come and gone, and it’s almost time for another busy college year. I had fantasised about visiting Japan before exams start looming again (how do they always creep up like that?!), but upon checking in with the ol’ bank account, realised that would probably have to remain a fantasy just a little bit longer. 372 more words


WSJ lists 7 things you may not know about expat life

The life of an expat may contain many surprises, the Wall Street Journal noted in an article not so long ago.

It turns out, according to a survey on which the article is based, that Ecuador provides the most happiness to expats and that Europe, unsurprisingly, offers the best education. 213 more words


Road trip to Oman

So 21 of us decided it was high time in the high city and needed to get out. After a couple of months of planning & coordination, we managed to decide on Ras Al Jinz turtle reserve in Sur, Oman. 759 more words


I moved to Los Angeles, Oman

It’s been a little over a week since I landed in Muscat, Oman with two overweight suitcases and two empty hands. After living in Doha, Qatar for around 2 years, I’m ecstatic to be able to call Muscat home for the next two years (or more). 1,287 more words


Nature | Jabel Shams

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Jebel Shams Arabic: جبل شمس‎, (mountain of sun) is a mountain located in northeastern Oman north of Al Hamra town. 50 more words


3 Muslim Countries I'd Love to Visit and Why

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

Inspired by Muslim Travel Girl  (check out her website by clicking the link here), I sat down and had a think about what Muslim countries I’d like to visit in the future. 862 more words