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There are a number of reasons that, on the surface, a move to Oman for a feminist environmentalist seemed like more of a challenge than other choices available and attracted various reactions of surprise and concern from family and friends. 1,565 more words


Hiking Omani Landscape

I fell in love with Oman when I visited for the first time few months ago and before that trip I had no idea how beautiful nature is in that country. 1,560 more words



Last night I was invited to what we arabs call a Malka (ملكه) of someone from my husband’s family, it’s like a wedding but slightly smaller mostly for closer people to the newly weds like friends and family members. 92 more words


‘Bigger, Better and Smarter' - how the Middle East's PR industry rates its performance & development in 2015/2016

Yesterday was a busy day for the PR industry in the UAE, with two events on the same day. The first, which was organized by bespoke agency Secret PR and named PR Pressure, was held in Dubai and tackled the everyday issues faced by both PR professionals and their friends in the media sector (more on this later). 775 more words

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