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Start and End of the World

Before the creation of Adam,Jinns were created at the place called Bahla in Oman.When God wanted to create mankind,he created Adam A.S. at the place called Adam,Oman.Oman is the shortform of Oh Mankind.Sur is the place where the Angel will start blowing the trumphet or Sur.Dajjal will be called Masih or False Messiah.He is tied with in the island Called Masirah Island.Prophet Mohamed(PBUH) clearly told that Dajjal will come from the east.”Adn” is the original name of Eden and the City of Aden is the Garden of Eden.When Adam and Eve were thrown out of paradise,they prayed to God and they met at Mt.Arafa in Saudi Arabia.From there this world started and on the day of  Resurrection,all the human beings will be assembled at Mt.Arafa.That’s why it is so important that during hajj,everybody should be at Arafa and hence Arafa day is called Hajj day.

Uton Muscat fele

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Living in Europe vs. The Middle East

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Ras Al Jinz - Teknosparadicsom

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Misfat Al Abriyyin, Oman

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Afghanistan, Ireland, Scotland and Oman have all advanced to the semi-finals after finishing in the top two of its respective groups as group matches of the Desert T20 Cup concluded overnight. 591 more words