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What underlies the EU cooperation with Sudan?

Since the migrants’ crisis has erupted, several civil society organisations and associations engaged in the protection of human rights have felt concerned by the EU migration policy. 821 more words

Conflicts & Insecurity

Provost: Canada must step up to ensure justice for crimes against humanity

It has been a bad week or so for the International Criminal Court.

On Oct. 21, South Africa stated that it would withdraw from it, something no state has ever done since the court was created in 1998. 692 more words


Some Thoughts on South Africa's Withdrawal From the International Criminal Court

Contrary to the suggestion of some, the dust on South Africa’s and Burundi’s (and Gambia‘s) withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC) has not settled. 2,092 more words

International Criminal Court (ICC)

South Africa's unlawful withdrawal from the ICC.

While there are students who are being injured in the fight for free higher education #FeesMustFall campaign. The South African government is however making decisions that are said to be not legally done. 209 more words


South Africa's decision to withdraw from the ICC 

We throw around this word ‘genocide’ sometimes without really understanding what it means. The word obviously is a fearful, brutal one… ‘the intentional act to destroy a people in whole or in part’. 1,470 more words


Asia’s scramble for Africa | The Economist

IF THERE is a modern gateway from the east to Africa, it is arguably Addis Ababa’s airport. Passengers passing through its dusty terminals on their way to some far-flung capital will be surprised to find that getting an Ethiopian meal is remarkably difficult. 1,203 more words

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This Cannot Be Happening

I originally wrote this as an article for another publication, but they didn’t end up posting it and then the relevance of it seemed to pass, but I still want this out there: 560 more words