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Negotiated Engagement — The African Union, the International Criminal Court, and Head of State Immunity

At the thirtieth summit of the African Union (AU) last month, African states took a bold decision. They agreed to ask the United Nations General Assembly to seek an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the issue of head of state immunity. 1,203 more words

International Criminal Court (ICC)

Old lady of Aleppo and Abdullah (part 4)

contd ———-camp to ashes” The management  understood his emotions and mental stress, and allowed the old lady of Aleppo to be treated kindheartedly on… 13 more words


Raphael Lemkin

For the past two years I have been reading quite a bit about genocide. While not necessarily reading about the holocaust, I was interested in genocides that were marginalized. 717 more words

ICC Prosecutor Ask UN Security Council To Act On Outstanding Arrest Warrants

12 December 2017 – the ICC Prosecutor on Tuesday told the UN Security Council that Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir recently travelled to countries that recognize the International Criminal Court ( 364 more words


CSOs implore the Govt. of Uganda to arrest and surrender Omar Al Bashir of Sudan

Civil society organizations in Africa have raised concern over Omar Al Bashir visit to Uganda and call on the authorities to arrest and surrender him to the International Criminal Court for trial. 404 more words


Sudan - US Sanctions Lifted

The move will give Sudan access to the global banking system but President al-Bashir remains a war crimes suspect. Sudan stays on the US list of state sponsors of terrorism. 679 more words

Good Politics or Bad Law? The International Criminal Court, Bashir, and South Africa

It came as quite the surprise. To be sure, observers of South Africa’s relationship with the International Criminal Court (ICC) fully expected that the Court’s Judges would eventually find that Pretoria had failed to cooperate in arresting and surrendering Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir to The Hague when he visited in 2015. 1,236 more words

International Criminal Court (ICC)