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ASP 14: Kenya and South Africa requests explained

The Assembly of States Parties has accepted requests from Kenya and South Africa to debate several controversial topics at the Assembly related to ongoing proceedings at the International Criminal Court. 1,439 more words

#GlobalJustice Weekly - No ICC investigation in Honduras

In global justice news this week: the ICC decides to not investigate allegations of crimes against humanity in Honduras; the UN (ACT) group launches its Code of Conduct; and news on India, Syria, Yemen and much more. 482 more words

What gives, clock kid?

Remember that 14 year old kid, Ahmed Mohamed, who tinkered around with a clock to try to show off his engineering skills in his Texas school, and wound up almost being arrested because he’s a Sudanese Muslim and therefore is presumed terrorist (at least when carrying around unfamiliar-looking electronics) here in US America until proven otherwise? 694 more words

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South Africa - ANC decide to leave the ICC

The government decides to withdraw from the ICC, with concerns this could set a continent-wide precedent.

According to a ministerial representative for the South African government, they are planning to withdraw from the… 741 more words

Rassegna settimanale 5 - 11 ottobre: Africa Subsahariana

05 ottobre – Sud Sudan a rischio l’accordo di pace tra ribelli e governo

Il Presidente del Sud Sudan Salva Kiir progetta di rimpiazzare il disegno del Paese dei 10 Stati con uno nuovo, costituito da 28 Stati. 654 more words

Rassegna Settimanale


The South African government has enquired the International Criminal Court for a postponement to respond to the courts’ appeal to clarify why the government failed… 227 more words