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#GlobalJusticeWeekly - Indonesia: Say no to ICC fugitive Al-Bashir

BashirWatch is calling on Indonesia to withdraw an invitation to Omar Al-Bashir to an Asia-Africa summit next month, or to arrest and transfer the Sudanese president to the ICC if he enters the country. 1,055 more words


Elusive Peace in South Sudan

By Jérôme Tubiana

Foreign Affairs

In Unity state, the frontline of the ongoing war between the South Sudanese government and members of the opposition is hard to pin down. 428 more words


Escalation of fighting in war torn provinces of Sudan

The war between the Sudanese government of Omar al-Bashir and the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF), has escalated in recent weeks.  In December multiple clashes between the Sudanese military, particularly its controversial “Rapid Support Forces (RSF),” and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-North near the state capital of South Kordofan, Kadugli, took place.  611 more words


Sudanese aircraft bomb South Sudan

Sudanese planes have carried out a bombing attacking the Maban district of South Sudan’s Upper Nile state, where many refugees from the (north) Sudanese state of Blue Nile presently reside.  233 more words


A Collection point for used oil in the capital Khartoum

Young men work at a collection point for used oil in the capital Khartoum. The poor state of Sudan’s economy has forced many families to look for alternative ways to earn money. 36 more words


Khartoum Palace Guards Killed

A man armed with a knife has killed two security guards outside the presidential palace in Khartoum, Sudan. 109 more words


"Al-Bashir belongs in handcuffs"

Sudan has begun to register for the elections that are scheduled in April, but it remains unsure whether President Omar Al-Bashir will indeed step down after his 25-year rule. 154 more words

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