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Sudan and the Obama administration: A steady rapprochement

This blog, by Eric Reeves, who follows Sudan closely, is well worth reading.


Eric Reeves | August 4, 2015

On July 5, 2015 the Embassy of the United States in Khartoum issued a remarkable statement, although it was judged newsworthy by only the… 2,541 more words


Sudan's other war crimes

It’s probably safe to say that you’ve heard of Darfur, the site of some of the 21st century’s most egregious war crimes, courtesy of Sudan’s… 373 more words


This is George

This is George; possibly the most well flown paragliding giraffe in the world. He’s been cold in the Owens Valley in California where he survived without oxygen at 4800m ASL and descended under a reserve parachute there too (without complaining or injury). 765 more words

Social Commentary

South Africa is Part of the Extraordinary League of Supervillains!

…Or at least we could be, if we continue with our current behaviour. I have not-so-fond memories of being thrown out of the classroom in both primary and high-school for being a prat… on numerous occasions, and the executive may feel as embarrassed now as I felt then. 679 more words

Ranting And Raving White Boy

Is the ICC Still Relevant? It Depends Who You Ask

The ICC issued an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir in relation to alleged war crimes in Darfur. Photo by Jesse B. Awalt / US Navy (public domain) 1,067 more words


On Darfur, the ICC Prosecutor Lays It Down

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has always had something of a phobia of politics. The Court has a deep-seated fear of appearing to be political. The Rome Statute and only the Rome Statute, its prosecutors insist, informs its decision-making. 931 more words

International Criminal Court (ICC)

#JusticiaGlobalSemanal - Es necesario adoptar medidas contra Al-Bashir

Cerca de 30 organizaciones representantes de la sociedad civil africana declararon que el fracaso del gobierno sudafricano en proceder al arresto del fugitivo Omar al-Bashir debería ser remitido al sistema judicial nacional, los Estados Partes a la CPI y al Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU. 2,047 more words