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Novel Ideas: Three TV Shows That Would Make Great Crime Fiction Novels

This week I decided to combine my two greatest passions—lying in bed reading novels and lying on the couch watching TV—to choose three great TV shows that should be turned into the next great crime novel. 344 more words

Kellye Garrett

Omar Little Said it Best When He Said:

I think Omar Little (the notorious stick-up man from the TV series The Wire) said it best when he said,

“Boy, you got me confused with someone who repeats himself…”

Americana Injustica

Is Omar From 'The Wire' Television's Ultimate Anti-Hero?

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Who do you think is the ultimate anti-hero? We explain why Omar Little is deserving of the title.


Imagining If These Characters From 'The Wire' Had Their Own Spin-Offs

David Simon’s The Wire is easily one the greatest television shows that ever existed. Its multifaceted look at politics, the media, drugs, education and law enforcement gave us colorful characters, memorable moments and a rich storytelling structure. 1,619 more words


Omar's Comin Yo!

Omar Little: That wasn’t no attempt murder.

Prosecutor: What was it, Mr. Little?
Omar Little: I shot the boy Mike-Mike in his hind parts, that all.


'It's All In The Game': Remembering Omar's Code On 'The Wire'

One can’t talk about HBO’s The Wire (which you can stream on HBO Now) without bringing up one of its most well-received and violent characters: Omar Little (as played by Michael Kenneth Williams). 1,068 more words