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10 Plants Vs Zombies Mash-Ups With Popular TV/Film Characters

Have you ever watched a movie or TV show, and thought to yourself, “wow that character would be perfect for this game I am playing”, and then start creating the character design in your head? 1,168 more words


Omar Comin': Man Allegedly Robs A Bank From His Wheelchair

Apparently your obnoxious friend who won’t stop preaching about the cultural significance of The Wire isn’t the only person to learn a thing or two from David Simon’s beloved HBO drama because police say a guy in Queens went full-Omar Little and pulled off a heist from his wheelchair. 141 more words


An Ode to Toya Graham

It’s 2015 at the end of April.
The city of Baltimore is burning.
No, Omar is not fighting Marlo Stanfield.
This scene is all too real and it is wild. 338 more words


The Baltimore Riots Have Destroyed The Store That Omar Was Shot In On 'The Wire'

Omar Little is one of the greatest characters in modern TV history. With a loaded shotgun and a “Robin Hood” mentality, Little would whistle as he strolled to a stash house to rob drug dealers of their cache. 292 more words


Spoilers? Bring 'Em On!

SPOILER ALERT! I feel like that phrase has become so common – people use it in TV recaps, in news article, in pop culture think pieces, even in Tweets! 374 more words

Bravo TV

What the heck is uber?

When I lived in my Small Town USA, there were certain things I just didn’t pay attention to. And just to catch you up, when I say “Small Town,” my newly old hometown had 3,000 residents, more than a thousand of whom are incarcerated in the local correctional facility and not exactly participants in the day-to-day life. 315 more words

Barack Obama meets David Simon

David Simon barely flinched.

As President Barack Obama told him that he was “a huge fan of The Wire,” which he called “one of the greatest pieces of art” of the last few decades, and as he continued with a question on the drug trade, the camera turned to Simon. 400 more words

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