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Omar Little - It's all in The Game

It’s a long video but watch from minute 4.30.

This scene in season two of the Wire sees Omar Little (played by Michael K. Williams), a notorious, homosexual black man who makes a living from stealing drug-dealers ‘stashes’ in a court room testifying against a well-known drug-dealer called ‘Bird’. 1,156 more words

The Wire is the Greatest TV Show of All-Time

#TheWire Marathon. Amazing. I reviewed every episode awhile back: http://t.co/h4ioqsQ6IP This is the best #TVshow of all-time.

— Matthew Toffolo (@matthewtoffolo) December 27, 2014

The marathon continues.

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Avon Barksdale

The Death of Stringer Bell, 10 years later: A look back at the greatest episode of (probably) the greatest television show ever

The Death of Stringer Bell, 10 years later

A look back at “Middle Ground,” the greatest episode of (probably) the greatest show in television history… 2,495 more words

The Wire

Podcast: 'Clear Lists, Full Drafts, Can't Lose,' episode 8—Men in drama

Welcome to episode 8 of Clear Lists, Full Drafts, Can’t Lose—the only podcast for fantasy television drafts! Forget fantasy football—join us in fantasy TV.

We are back to drafting our dream teams of TV characters this week! 162 more words

Omar Little, The Wire

Portrayed by: Michael K. Williams
Sexuality: Gay
“If you come at the king, you best not miss.”

That line cements Omar’s status as one of the biggest badasses around. 150 more words

Dreaming in Spanglish

Last night I dreamed that my normal students had turned into characters from The Wire. Marlo Stanfield was there in person, but the rest were sort of versions of my usual group, only transformed. 327 more words



One of the best shows ever,and Omar Little is one of the best characters created.A homosexual thug that you couldn’t help but love.Great writing and great acting helped make Omar the character that no one can ever replace.