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'Guards at the Taj' Navigates the Dark Night of the Soul

The year is 1648 and two imperial guards, Hamayun and Babar, are charged with night watch at the entrance to the gates of the Taj Mahal, which at daylight will be unveiled to the public by emperor Shah Jahan after nearly two decades of construction. 535 more words

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Guards at the Taj Off-Broadway

“I killed Beauty,” laments a character in Rajiv Joseph’s riveting new play Guards at the Taj, receiving its world premiere in a top-notch Off-Broadway production at Atlantic Theater Company’s Linda Gross Theater. 493 more words


'Guards At The Taj' Asks If Beauty and Violence Must Exist Together

There is a legend that upon the completion of the Taj Mahal, Emperor Shah Jahan ordered that his architect and laborers have their hands cut off  so that nothing more beautiful than the Taj Mahal would ever be constructed. 553 more words


Movie Review: Non-Stop

An alcoholic air marshal is lured into a killer’s game as he receive messages telling him that every 20 minutes, someone on the plane is going to be murdered. 536 more words

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I absolutely went into this movie with low expectations. I figured it would be just another silly action flick, ‘Taken’ on an airplane. I gotta say, I really enjoyed this movie. 177 more words

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Non Stop Movie Review : A Bumpy Ride

A protagonist (Liam Neeson) with a drinking problem, estranged from his wife and mourning over the death of his daughter and trying to overcome other such unpleasant memories is in the midst of a flight, wherein a random caller threatens him to arrange for a huge sum of cash lest he will blow up the plane. 895 more words



It’s amazing that Liam Neeson’s acting keeps getting better as he age. Just like fine wine! More amazing still the writers/casting directors who continue to have faith in Mr. 133 more words

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