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Dear Time

Dear Time,

Time heals,
Time ticks on,
Never waste a moment
Seize the day
Time expands
Time contracts,
Baby is born
Father dies
Toddler turns 2… 41 more words


Dear Omble and your Tiny Fistful of Cake

Dear Omble and your Tiny Fistful of Cake,

You were ultra cute and sneaky as you “patted” the cake….

…giving it a gentle stroke…

…with a sneaky twist of the hand you were able to tear off a corner… 40 more words


Dear Ginger Haters

Dear Ginger Haters,

Bugger off from finding my blog with your stupid search terms. You are looking in the wrong place. I am a Ginger Lover and proud (Literally as LordCurd is the most handsome Ginger Man ever- he looks like a Ginger James McAvoy… 165 more words


Dear Sleep Thief

Dear Sleep Thief,

You might be the cutest burglar I know, but seriously, come on now:


Don’t make me call the Police.   102 more words


Dear Body Image of 5 Year Old Me.

Dear Body Image of 5 year old me,

So I already wrote to my 15 year old body image, but since the news broke… 1,017 more words


Dear Cake or Sleep?

Dear Cake or Sleep?

Cake or Sleep is bigger than the 90’s Daddy or Chips dilemma. (Totally Chips won by the way- my dad always nicked our chips- grrrrr!). 645 more words


Dear 4month Sleep Regression

Dear 4month Sleep Regression,

It is well known that babies go through a period of regressing to sleeping like a newborn at 4months old due to their brain making lots of developmental leaps at this time. 177 more words