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Your New Year Kick Start

It’s that time  of year again…you know what I’m on about. That frightful time, when after weeks of indulging on food and booze, we finally give ourselves a much needed kick up the backside and decide its time to jump back on that healthy bandwagon. 689 more words

Canola Oil Dangers

Fat is not the enemy. Fat does not make you fat! Over fifty years of bad science, mostly funded by the U.S. Canola Association, eating the right fats can sustain and improve your health. 544 more words

Debra Bartz

Healthy Heart: Do You Really Need an Aspirin a Day?

Many doctors prescribe an aspirin a day to prevent heart attack and stroke. But the hazards may not be worth the benefits. The thinking behind a daily aspirin is to thin the blood. 446 more words

Heart Health

Wild Idea Buffalo Recipe of the Week - Buffalo Meat…and Omega-3?

The Wild Idea Buffalo Recipe of the Week isn’t a recipe this week but an article on the Wild Idea Buffalo website, Buffalo Meat…and Omega-3? Very good article on some of the health benefits of Buffalo. 433 more words


Whale Sharks: What can YOU do to help them?

Photograph by Brian J. Skerry. Obtained from National Geographic.

Species Profile:

Whale sharks are the LARGEST fish in the sea.  According to National Geographic, the biggest whale shark documented was 40 feet long; however scientists believe they can grow larger.  371 more words

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Treat Your Teeth Right – Healthy Foods that Support Good Oral Health

Most of us have heard before what items are not good for you to eat – candy, sodas, acidic foods, etc. However, I feel it is less often that you hear what foods are good for your teeth. 372 more words

Oral Health

Umami Flax Seed Crackers and Veg Box Salad (Raw/ Vegan/ Gluten Free)

These crackers came out of the blue, as an afterthought, they appeared in a bowl, I stirred them, decided to dry them and hey pesto!  Umami Crackers came into the world.   883 more words