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Thoughts on Boku no Hero Academia (Season One) (Spoilers?)

I am so very tired of superheroes flooding the mainstream. Marvel/D.C. Studios seem to release a film every four months with substantial box office victories. Animated films such as  1,204 more words


I absolutely HATE lego!!!

Omfg. This is what I've just walked into!!! Help me!

I absolutely hate lego!!! With a passion!!! Who's with me?!?!

So this is the carnage that is covering my kitchen today!!! 206 more words

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$VIX #OMFG – Pre market VIX low at 9.04 – will we see an 8 handle???

Big Bang SDCC 2K17: Ten Years of Brilliance

San Diego Comic Con celebrated Big Bang Theory’s ten years and the series was recently renewed to have Seasons 11 & 12.

We saw that Sheldon proposed to Amy at the end of Season 10 and when Kaley Cuoco was asked for her reaction she said: “I cried” and Kunal Naayar added ” everyone cried”. 270 more words

The Big Bang Theory

This Morning's Drama

My morning started off by me dropping and shattering a coffee mug, coffee splattering all over the floor and my dress. Guess I didn’t really want to wear that outfit today. 396 more words


Time for a breakdown

A lot has gone on in the past month. I’m not sure if this post is going to be breaking down all that has been happening or detailing my breakdown that I seem on the verge of having. 345 more words


POLY (Many) + TICKS (Blood Sucking Parasites) = We need to &@%$#@!%?! LAUGH!

Okay, so what would you rather read right now: Exhibit A…

…more than one quarter of the Administration’s appointees so far to environmental, energy, and natural resource management agencies have close ties to the fossil-fuel industry.

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