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4 Things Not To Do On The NaNoWriMo Reference Desk

I’ll get back to critique groups, but the NaNoWriMo site has rebooted and of course that means there’s a slough of new posts on the reference desk forum. 768 more words


I've Kinda-Sorta Become an Official Video Game Reviewer (And Another Update)

Longer than anime, longer than football, the longest-tenured pastime activity in my life has always been video games. I started playing before I could even fathom a thought as to what video games even were. 660 more words

Unimportant Things

My Favourite Games (20 of Them)

Originally written for RLLMUK’s ‘Top 100 Games of Our Times 2017″ thread I spent so bloody long on this it seemed a shame to waste it on one small corner of geeks on the internet when I could put it on here and drone on to my friends and family too. 5,886 more words


Back To School!

It is now late-September and I have kinda sorta maybe (not really) figured out the rhythm to this semester. I started with five classes and ended up dropping one of them because I simply could not handle it. 291 more words



Hey, my lovely readers.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful, end of the day Thursday!!!!! By now we all know what time it is. It’s Throwback Thursday! 205 more words


This One's For The Parents

Yesterday we watched our sweet nephew, Theron the Great, who is hands-down our coolest, funniest weekly dose of free birth control around. Since he was a baby, Theron has been cared for by a loving village of people who delight in watching him grow — and we feel very lucky to be a part of that village. 726 more words


Thoughts on Boku no Hero Academia (Season One) (Spoilers?)

I am so very tired of superheroes flooding the mainstream. Marvel/D.C. Studios seem to release a film every four months with substantial box office victories. Animated films such asĀ  1,204 more words