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An Open Letter to J.J. Abrams

I had just finished giving a lecture on you – yes, you – to my intro to film class when I opened up my Twitter app to find that you had said, and I quote, 1,067 more words

Hello by OMFG

Currently into this song (even though it’s really old XD)



Guys I’m addicted to OMFG now I can’t stop help me!!!! All her songs are so catchy and upbeat and perfect for dancing and I can’t even sit still while listening to them because AAHHH! 25 more words


The Top 10 Most Remarkable Marketing Campaigns EVER!

10) The Whopper Sacrifice 

Brand: Burger King / Creative Partner: Crispin Porter & Bogusky

The OMFG! Factor:

Sacrifice ten Facebook friends. Get a free Whopper. 1,661 more words

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This Man Filmed A Specter Walking Behind A Door In A Mexican Hospital And It's Absolutely Eerie

There’s nothing comforting about hospitals. It’s sterile. It smells weird. It might be busy during daytime, but it’s the complete opposite at night. When night falls, most, if not all hospitals work on bare-bones staff and the once bustling hallways echo with your lone footsteps. 39 more words


Ok, so. Shit is going down and omg my empathy is taking a hit. I am fighting to not cry right now.
I’m was(am)reading the comments on whats been happening to Palmyra and read Laine DeLanys’ comment about the pantheons taking up arms. 267 more words



 Petroleum (from Latin: petra: “rock” + oleum: “oil”) is a system of hydrocarbons, metals and other components kept together by a variety of chemical and physical forces…

1,044 more words