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Life In Plastic: Mini Toy Review: Outlandish Mini Figure Guys Series 4 (October Toys)

OMFG!!!! That’s the name of this line, but it gets censored on some message forums.  Oh, you silly people with your wacky shenanigans.  But anyway, the Outlandish Mini Figures Series 4 has finally arrived!   1,163 more words


This Man erases the word 'Impossible' from the dictionary

When they said Jesus was going to return, I had my doubts. But, here he is! Van Aken ,an art professor from Syracuse University in the US,  grew up on a family farm before pursuing a career as an artist, and has teamed his expertise on the two to develop his incredible Tree of 40 Fruit. 245 more words

40 Fruits One Tree

Games and Theory: 5 Simple Rules for Succeeding in Team Games

The world of competitive objective-based multiplayer games is a massively varied and colourful tapestry made up of different ways to murder your fellow gamers within a contextualized setting. 1,865 more words



It’s too late Max, she already called Chloe and they loaded up the truck with the rest of the buns.


~ive come to talk with you again~

have your hipster moment?!

Have your hipster moment!! THIS SUMMER!! Just simply crop your top. Wanna show off your hot and happening figure??! Crop tops are the best to do so. 54 more words