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"Team" Building

In an attempt to engage the team (?) today, a colleague sent out an email of a video. It was from a motion activated camera from her property of a coyote taking a dead squirrel off camera. 115 more words


The Circle Review

One never really knows what they’ll get when they watch a film for the first time. There are reviews, trailers, interviews, and more that may influence one’s expectations going into one, but until the movie begins to play and the attention has been provoked, the quality of a given picture is shrouded in complete mystery. 1,179 more words


OMFG! Natural Brazilian Kinky Straight Synthetic Lace Frontal Wig

OMFG Natural Kinky Straight Synthetic Lace Frontal Wig New Born Free Lace Front Wig – MLF51 MAGIC LACE FRONTAL WIG 51 Synthetic Lace Front Wig… 6 more words

Recent Analysis of Apollo Data Proves the Moon is Hollow

New analysis of data acquired by seismometers placed on the Moon’s surface in the early 1970s and laser measurements taken during recent lunar meteor impact events appears to support an ongoing, if unpopular, … 463 more words


Not Blue: London Listened to the #ActuallyAutistic. Pink will light it up.

We appreciate people contacting us about what we know is an important subject. We are aware that 27th March – 2nd April is Autism Awareness Week and Sunday April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day as introduced by the United Nations in 2007. 144 more words

Neurodiversity News & Notes

AU suggestion



Bitty has never seen an oven in his life

His parents have carefully kept away from all ovens, because when he was born a curse was laid that by the time the sun set on his 21st birthday, he would burn his finger on an oven and fall into an eternal slumber