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Ôm: excessive multitasking.

“Bà có cách nào chia bớt việc của bà/ông X cho người khác không? Hiện giờ ổng/bả đang ôm dữ lắm.”

“Sao bà/ông ôm dữ vậy?” 333 more words

Nhật Ký Germer

Screaming Chalk

Freddy, a new chalk artist, drew this masterpiece outside of the National Gallery in London. A screaming woman is shown in black and white with the caption in red stating: “I dream of a world where terror is only in the movies.” Art serves as a powerful tool to express feelings in a time of despair and distress. 8 more words


Chicken & Steak

I never dreamed I would be eating a chicken and steak dinner while staring  at a chicken on top of a cow in a formaldehyde tank. 45 more words


EP : Bahja Rodriquez - It Gets Better | @bahjarodriguez

Former OMG-girl Bahja Rodriquez recently made an appearance on Moody Without Music while she also announced that she was working on a new project, and today this surfaced the internet. 52 more words


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