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Netflix Orginal Series: Scream!! Season 2!! 

OMG!! Season two is almost here and I couldn’t be happier! I have always had love in my heart for Wes Craven’s: Scream trilogy. Sydney and Dooey are my all time favourite characters! 280 more words


Squeaki (Monumental) // Britto // Enamel on aluminum // 182.9 x 127 x 30.5 // Photograph by Alexa Corbin

This cute geometric kitten is a sculpture by Brazilian pop artist Britto. 35 more words


It's official - I have a thing for redheads..

My ginger is the apple of my eye!

But that doesn’t mean I’m blind to the likes of this¬†hunka burnin’ man.

THAT HAIR! He’s a… 16 more words


OK, so OMG I am writing a blog, and IDK what to write about.

So, some of you out there, not many of you, will not know what some of the… 383 more words


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