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0.1 - So, a few years have gone by...

So before leaving for work, Maxell Vargas decided to give Lukas one of his favorite flying sessions. His boy had just his 4th birthday, and his daddy senses tells him that flying sessions with Lukas will soon end. 1,834 more words


Dakota's weekend.

Dakota has been spotted over the weekend with her dog Zeppelin. She bought a house in New York and moved her dog to the other side of the States this weekend. 97 more words

Prologue - The Birth of the Legacy Founder (also a continuer - Huh?!)

The Vargas family decided on actually spending time together by doing stuff on their house’s rooftop, such as looking through the telescope during daylight, playing foosball by yourself, and relaxing on the lounging chair while staring at who knows what. 364 more words


The Churro Ice Cream Sandwich...CHURRO!!

Being I’m from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), I had never heard of or seen this wondrous, and I’m very┬ásure – scrumptious creation!! I found out it was created at a place called Churro Borough in LA. 52 more words


A WTF Moment

I feel really sorry for the kids of rude people. Hopefully these kids will learn good manners at school, because they’re not getting it from home. 466 more words


Still thinking...

It’s been a while and I’m still thinking about changing things here in this humble blog. And still not sure. Hm…

No one can ever accuse me of rushing into change. 69 more words


First Day is Complete!

Hooray! I just finished my first day with IdealShape (Yes, after midnight because my day starts late and I go to bed late UNLESS I have class.) 257 more words