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25 Pop Culture References All Kids Should Know

Like that The Office did not invent “that’s what she said.”

Just because your child was born in a world where Jaden Smith is The Karate Kid doesn’t mean you’re doomed to raise a total philistine. 71 more words

The Yiddish Quiz

Yiddish is the language Jews began speaking long ago in the old country. And if you didn’t know that, this quiz is going to be a total mishegoss. 14 more words

18 Photos The World Needs To See To Understand How Beautiful India Really Is

For every villain, we’ve got hundreds of heroes.

This mother who doesn’t have much but is giving her daughter the whole world.

Barcroft Media / Via… 11 more words

Taylor Swift Is Probably The Best Maid Of Honor Of All Time

I’mma let you finish, but Tay has got this on lock.

In case you don’t know, Taylor Swift is a pretty good BFF to have. 156 more words

27 Things That Can Really Help You While You're Grieving

There’s no right way, but these suggestions may help you find your way.

Alice Mongkongllite/BuzzFeed / Via Thinkstock

Attend a dinner put on by The Dinner Party… 214 more words

Keke Palmer Will Play Marty, The Pink Lady, In "Grease: Live"

BuzzFeed News can exclusively reveal that the 21-year-old performer has joined Fox’s 2016 musical event.

Jemal Countess / Getty Images

Keke Palmer has been cast as Marty Maraschino (“like the cherry”) in Fox's upcoming musical event Grease: Live, BuzzFeed News can exclusively reveal. 136 more words

24 Canadian Landmarks That Are Actually Total Crap

Not worth the trip. According to these reviewers.

The CN Tower — “If you believe in full disclosure and freedom, don’t bother.”

“This was a total waste of money & they don't tell you that you will be sniffed before entering. 242 more words