The Man Who Brought You Draw Something Thinks He Has Another Hit

Dan Porter has already won the app lottery once. He thinks he can do it again.

In 2012, Porter was running mobile gaming company OMGPOP when the company developed Draw Something, a simple and infectious take on Pictionary. 1,073 more words


Some websites that maybe you do not know...

Shea Hess explores five websites — including omgpop.com, yelp.com, fora.tv., popurls.com and boingboing — on this year’s 50 Best list.


English As A Second Language (ESL)

What will be the next social "Big Bang"?

This thought stems from the recent blow-up of news articles about 23 year old Even Spiegel, co-founder of the latest sizzling hot social media platform Snapchat. 558 more words


Draw something cheat is the incredible popular iPhone

Two players play the game by changing their turns. They draw a picture to convey a guess word to either of the partner. The person drawing the picture, arbitrarily faces difficulty, gets three random words while earning 1 to 3 coins in case the partner guesses correctly. 378 more words

Game Info

Updates and randomness.

I still haven’t been on here like I should. It took me . . . a very long time to get my sleep schedule back to the normal nocturnal (mission accomplished as of yesterday!). 696 more words


Booting Up: Layoffs Expected to Slam Aol's Patch Today

Former OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter is bouncing back. He’s reportedly partnering with Hollywood super agent Ari Emanuel to create a mobile entertainment startup. [Business Insider… 69 more words


Rumor Roundup: We Run Into Ashton at Jobs and Someone FINALLY Puts Andy Carvin's iPhone in a Museum

JOBS After much anticipation and even more blather about how Ashton Kutcher prepared for his role as the founder of Apple, Betabeat finally got a peak at  809 more words