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Desert Lions: Canadian Forces Mentors in Kandahar

In August and September 2010, LCol Mike Vernon documented the efforts of a Canadian operational mentor and liaison team assisting Afghan National Army troops in the village of Nakhonay (southwest of Kandahar).  25 more words


A warts and all look at Canada's forces

A warts and all look at Canada’s forces

In August 2010, National Post reporter Brian Hutchinson visited Combat Outpost Lion in the village of Nakhonay, southwest of Kandahar.  51 more words


POST-2011 MISSION IN AFG: The PM Finally Speaks. Clearly.

What a difference a few hours makes.

Remember when I guessed Prime Minister Harper wouldn’t use Remembrance Day to announce a change of heart on Canada’s future missio?  433 more words

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Pictures: 14th Slovenian ISAF Contingent Arrives in Afghanistan

On Friday, 21 October, the main body of the 14th Slovenian ISAF Contingent arrived at US base in Shindad, western Afghanistan. They moved to Shindad from Herat to join the contingent’s advance party. 220 more words


Canada's Mission in AFG: The Epiphany, the Tease and the Lie

What a difference seeing what’s happening at the business end of a war can make.  This from Liberal members of the committee that’s supposed to be looking into Canada’s future mission in Afghanistan, following a visit to Afghanistan: 274 more words

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The Post-2011 Mission: From Dance Shoes to Eyedropper?

I’ve compared the Canadian government’s lack of clarity to the “mission mambo”. Now, I have a different picture in my head – Canadians only deserve to learn about Canada’s post-2011 mission a tiny scrap at a time, as through an eyedropper. 399 more words

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