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Bye Bye Democracy! Thanks Harper!

Today on “Your Tax Dollars at Work” is a rerun. I wanted to remind you of some important ways Harper has lessened democracy in this country. 285 more words

Election 42

The Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol. 3 - Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

There’s a certain argument you’ll hear in comics circles that The Fantastic Four, after the famous Galactus trilogy (issues #48-50) , had nowhere to go but down. 840 more words

Comics & Graphic Novels

4,000 horses: the Tilling Factor

He was the magician and exorcist with an understanding heart: he built a temple and rent a country in two.

Solomon.Can enough ever be written about this compelling man who chose wisdom above all else when asked to choose his hearts desire? 558 more words

Quirks Of History

The Rest of the Kids

A now-famous person once gave a graduation speech that probably sits in high reverence for some fellow classmates. In the speech, he talked about the future where “nerds would run the world.” Years and years of torment of the “gifted” – or what we now likely label as a form of bullying – somehow made its payoff in current times as some of the most beloved men (we don’t celebrate women very well) in the world are responsible for the devices you are reading this from, among other great advances many of us enjoy. 869 more words


New Additions #15

And this is the reason I never go into bookstores to “browse”: I always end up buying something.

So I spent my entire book budget for 2015, which is both good and bad I guess, hahaha.


Omnibuses or Omnibi?

Turns out it’s Omnibuses! Also, here are some pics of the X-Men Omnibus Vol. 1 that I wish I was reading all these original X-Men issues from! 467 more words