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the God game

How to play.


Go hide yourSelf from view – somewhere so obvious and so simple, it’s guaranteed to be overlooked.


Call the shadow cast by your hidden self-shining Light “world”: an infinite array of mirrors reflecting every imaginable experience; a mind-field so intricate it can entertain for lifetimes… 267 more words


Carus & Mitch print edition and review

Look what just arrived! (Amazon Prime, you are FAST.)

I hadn’t really thought about how it might feel to hold a physical copy of Carus & Mitch… 68 more words


Doubtful Association by Hedge-sparrow

The Numpties breathed a sigh of relief when the preamble made sense at once: we drew a coloured line down the side of the clues to receive the letters we were to remove from clues and whatever the nine consecutive strings of letters were going to spell, and I scanned the clues, as usual, to confirm that Hedge-sparrow had renewed his membership of the elite Listener imbibers club. 410 more words

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