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Wildin' Out

Last week, I limited myself to seafood & plant based sources of protein. During that time I discovered that lentils are a great source of protein and I’m happy to say that they are now a regular part of my diet. 127 more words


When You Don't Have an Egg Vanilla Cupcakes

I am not a vegan. But sometimes you run out of eggs and you need to make cupcakes. To be quite honest, I  prefer this vanilla cupcake recipe to most others. 202 more words


Niven & Pournelle

Science fiction authors Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle collaborated on about a dozen SF novels, at least one of which is highly regarded as a classic in the genre (and an oft-named favorite). 1,348 more words

Sci-Fi Saturday

Being a Better Omnivore

This weekend, I participated in a tradition that according to Michael Pollan’s book Cooked connected me with some of our earliest human ancestors. That’s right, I did some grilling. 287 more words


Mostly plants.

I find myself living with a vegan, very little counter space, and a huge appetite. I need to learn how to cook.

When I was little, I used to make strange concoctions in the kitchen (raisins in flour with a pinch of salt was, weirdly, something I kept coming back to). 979 more words


My Whole30 Life

As if moving, starting a new job, moving in with my boyfriend, etc wasn’t enough to adjust to…Lance and I thought we’d do the Whole30. 701 more words

Healthy Eating

Editorial: Being Politically Correct

Ok, ok- OKAY. I realize that as a country, our goal has been to give as many individual and personal rights as possible to our people. 875 more words