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In Appreciation of Skunks

When you start to think about skunks, the thing that comes most to mind is the overwhelmingly identifiable stench that these small creatures can produce. Skunks are often vilified for their over-the-top predator defense mechanism, and most people have a story of it plaguing campgrounds, pets, and homes. 900 more words

Flora & Fauna

{Book Review} The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan

Title: The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Author: Michael Pollan
Genre: Non-Fiction, Cookbooks, Education
Publisher: Penguin (August 28, 2007)
Age Range: Appropriate for all ages. (There is a…
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The Pitfalls of Living In A Vegan Vacuum (Veganism #3)

The Aquaworld song about Barbie can be altered thus far for me: ‘I’m a vegan girl, in a vegan world. Life in pleather, soy forever’. Being that my hermitage is 99% vegan* I rarely get slapped in the face with a slab of meat- this word being a euphemism for any dead animal packaged, marketed, sold and eaten as food. 797 more words

Open Letter In Response To Charlotte Cunningham

Dear Charlotte Cunningham,

I am writing in response to your open letter to vegans.

Extremists, by definition, typically advocate and engage in illegal, violent or extreme action. 558 more words


Meat: Yes, No, Maybe?

So many people, so many lifestyles, so many differences… but a common goal unites us all. The best part about life is that it throws you curveballs and you don’t know what is heading your way next. 882 more words

Real relationship advice from vegans dating omnivores

Maintaining a commitment to veganism involves changes to the way we eat, drink and shop, however it can also influence our relationships.

With Australia’s plant based community constituting 8.7% of the population, many vegans will find themselves dating an omnivore at some point. 751 more words

Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore. What's the Difference?


These are meat eaters, and generally requiring live foods. They have a large mouth with sharp pointed teeth that allow them to grasp their prey and tear off large chunks of flesh, which is swallowed whole rather than ground or chewed first. 298 more words