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More Proof a Bear Will Go Just About Anywhere For a Tasty Treat...

How this guy didn’t turn into BearBQ I don’t know.  This scene comes from the near the border of Alberta and the Northwest Territory in Canada.


Hitched and Tied won't be Vegan Friendly

We’re mostly omnivores out here in the heartland. Where I live, farming – both crops and animals, raising vegetable gardens and hunting are a way of life. 505 more words


Why Some Vegetarians Start Craving Meat

During her nine years as a vegetarian, writer Courtney Dunlop says she always had a “nagging feeling” eating plants exclusively wasn’t the absolute best thing for her own health.

177 more words

Eat real food.

I’ve been reading a book called In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. Davin wanted me to read it, he says it had a huge influence on his way of thinking when it comes to health. 421 more words

Chocolate Stout Espresso Cake

I light heartily call this the migraine cake because it has three well known triggers of migraines- coffee, alcohol and chocolate. But it is one amazing combination. 199 more words


Vegan Chocolate Cake

I first learned about this cake when a coworker brought it in exclaiming that it was easy, delicious and happened to be vegan. It was another one of those instances when she needed to bake a cake, but had run out of eggs. 161 more words