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Are Humans Carnivores?

Meat eaters love to say that humans are carnivores and it is natural for us to eat meet. Some will even say that we are omnivores so we eat animals and plants. 377 more words

An Easy Way to Change the World

I read an article published by one of my favorite sources titled “Eating Right Can Save The World.” The essential message is this: what we choose to eat has an incredibly large environmental impact, and making informed choices is an easy way to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. 440 more words

Omnivore in trouble

Roughly a fortnight ago, I bought a small pile of books. After my friend circumstance left, I started looking through the pile, to choose, with wich one to start. 519 more words

Domestic Life

Can I Eat This? Check Your Anatomy!

Okay, you might be really skeptical about adapting a vegan diet, let alone living on fruit. I get it, when you have been taught to memorize the food pyramid (or now, ‘MyPlate’ for younger generations, which they’re completely wrong about again), are living off McDonalds as a successful athlete (please stop jipping yourself), drinking the best whey protein shakes money can buy, why in fiery hell would you believe you can meet all your health eating just plants, especially fruit alone? 1,092 more words


St. Francis Fountain // San Francisco

tofu with ranchero sauce and vegan jack cheese on a corn tortilla with black beans and cilantro, add avocado (upon request)

VEGGIE MESS (vegetarian) 43 more words



For a long time I thought starting the grill was a big deal, and would tend to wait for Alex to come home. I remember growing up, my Dad tended to be the one to grill, and barbecues are stereotypically a man’s domain. 88 more words


Birthdays and'Vores

My Lucky Birthday by Keiko Kasza

A Birthday For Cow by Jan Thomas

There is an interactive herbivore, omnivore, carnivore page for preschoolers below:

https://www.bforball.com/users/worksheets/388/herbivore,-carnivore,-omnivore.php… 36 more words

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