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Responses to veganism: humans are designed to eat meat

You: “I’m vegan”

Them: “…but humans are designed to eat meat.”

Sound familiar? One of the common responses to veganism is the argument that humans are biologically designed to eat other animals. 502 more words


How to Cook for a Vegan at Christmas

In the past year’s veganism has been growing and it this is only continuing. So the chance that you will have a vegan at your table is very high. 522 more words


Vegan Living With An Omnivore.

First of all, I have to say congratulations and thank you! Whether you have been vegan for one day, week, month or year or decade. I want to thank you so much for doing your part for the animals. 610 more words


Winter Warmth

It’s been raining in Prishtina for at least two days straight and snow is due in tomorrow so time to look at some comfort dishes to get you through the cold, shivering days to come. 485 more words

Spark Food

Vegans V.S. Omnivores - Cant we all just get along?

I’ve recently been invited to a number of vegan debate groups on Facebook. Always one to enjoy a lively debate especially on my ultimate favourite topic I happily accepted and settled in to enjoy learning from other people’s experiences and tastes. 498 more words


Philosophy of a Vegetarian Butcher

I’m a vegetarian. Lacto-ovo. For almost a quarter century. I also harvest (as it’s so appealingly called these days) meat for my omnivore family. In addition I’ve found it gratifying to teach others how to respectfully take the life of a gentle beast and convert its life into sources of life for others.  988 more words

Animal Care And Health

Pacific northwest turtles

Hi, today I am going to talk about, well, you guessed it: Pacific Northwest turtles. Oh, and I am trying to save these guys, so please help me out by clicking  the link on the right! 267 more words