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Environmental Science : Introduction

Here are the Flashcards we will be using in class for the next few weeks.  Please make sure you print them out and bind them together.  20 more words


Red-Bellied Piranha (Pygocentrus nattereri)

I’ve written about some pretty fearsome fish on this blog; barracudas, goliath tigerfish, and electric eels are some that come to mind. Yet it seems I’ve neglected a fish with a reputation to put all the rest to shame. 539 more words


Vegetarians Vs. Vegans - A Rift In The Family

I had an upsetting encounter lately with someone I consider a good friend. This guy is a vegetarian and has been for many years. I remember being surprised when he told me he didn’t eat meat (this was back when I was ignorant) because he didn’t… 1,062 more words



The Amazon is the planet’s largest river.  The great waterway is very much in the news this week as the world turns its eyes to Brazil to watch the Olympics. 393 more words

Dossier Viande : Un peu d'Histoire.

La Viande c’est exquis, la viande c’est goûteux ! Imaginez un bon steak frites avec une petite sauce aux poivres… hum c’est salivant n’est ce pas ? 661 more words

Dossier Viande Et Végétarisme

The furry black bear

I saw a black bear this morning;

He was furry and tall and couldn’t stop yawning.

He climbed up a hill and rolled back down; 110 more words