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Some of my best friends are vegan...

 But I’m not. After I became pregnant with twins in 2013, my vegan lifestyle (which I had strongly advocated for two years) got the boot after I realized that beef was the only thing that my body would tolerate. 507 more words


Dining Dilemmas

This week’s post comes from a number of conversations I’ve had recently regarding being vegan in a restaurant.  I’ve been spoiled by spending some extended time in Los Angeles, a city with a growing number of vegan residents and some of the best vegan restaurants in the world.  973 more words


Meal Plan: July 18 - 26, 2015

This week marks a decisive shift in our eating. I’ll write more about it in future posts, but the short version is that Rebecca and I made a mutual decision to avoid eating animals raised on factory farms. 375 more words

Meal Plan

Goodbye Nutella -- it was nice knowing you

It was a landmark moment a few weeks ago when I finally threw out the half-eaten jar of Nutella in the kitchen cupboard. I can’t remember when I last ate it; I’ve long favoured this bizarre paste made with brazilnuts and cocoa. 461 more words

Off The Mat

Summer Scones

Summer afternoons were meant for outside play dates. I whipped up some apricot- orange- pecan scones and Nicole brought along some fresh berries and we had a delightful picnic with the babes. 112 more words


Insects Make Up a Large Percentage of the World's Protein Intake...Mmm, Mmm...Make Mine Extra Crispy

I love to cook, and believe it or not, I enjoy eating now and again. The thing I found odd concerning one of my first works of fiction was a particularly negative review. 402 more words

On Writing