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My Strange, Surprising Path to a Veggie Diet

I’ve steered clear of eating meat (especially red meat) for over a week now, and every day that goes by the more convinced I am that I’ll never go back to my ultra-carnivorous lifestyle. 968 more words

Homemade Dog Food

I know homemade dog food is not the main theme of WeightLossBlogging.Com, but I just had to talk about it because I love my dog. Just like humans, canines need to eat what they evolved to eat or they don’t do so well health wise. 836 more words


Slow but steady progress

After another week of macerating, the deer bones are looking and smelling better than ever! Progress is slow, since most of what’s left on these bones is cartilage and connective tissue, both of which are always difficult to remove. 213 more words


PB&A: Super Simple Series

The Super Simple Series aims to be super simple. That’s that.


I snack constantly throughout the day. It’s a blessing and a curse. 634 more words


SZECHUAN PEANUT NOODLE SALAD – ‘OMG, I can eat this?’ series

OMG, I can eat this? aims to reconstruct your favorite No Go meals and turn them into delightts you can chow down on without feeling terribly afterward. 680 more words


Vastly more expensive.

Three goats, eyes closed, legs folded, in the front yard, soaking up the morning sun. Four hours ago, their day had just begun, nibbling the verdant buffet of a springtime lawn. 319 more words

Taking stock

As those of you who follow my main blog may know, I was recently out of state for two weeks vacationing in Arizona and visiting my family, and after flying home a couple of weeks ago, I promptly caught a really nasty cold. 877 more words