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Mediterranean Pasta and Soul Food

Normally I publish these posts as I’m preparing to eat the foods, but today has been a bit busy. I’ve been doing oodles of research and more than my fair share of YouTube browsing. 378 more words


Food for value: Ethics and Sustainability

Climate change is a hot topic. Food is also a trendy topic, whether the next new food trend is taking over the social media feed, or the health conscious eaters are researching the next super food. 852 more words

Current Affairs

Live to eat

My cooking has gotten so bad that even my take-out fails.

In retaliation, or perhaps self-preservation, my husband is taking me to a Restaurant Week meal. 72 more words


The Banquet of the Omnivores: My view on how food is more than just a way to fill the belly.

What people generally think, is that a chef’s life revolves around food, and that food is the central point for every argument and every debate. Doesn’t everyone communicate through food? 487 more words


Our Go-To Week Meals

Hello all!

First of all – all parties need a photo booth. It should be just as common as cake.

Anyway, I wanted to post about James and my dinners during the week that are quick, easy, and simple. 916 more words