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Vegan Spots in Detroit List

*List created by Seoung (Chow Down Detroit) & Virginia Lee 

Look, including veggies as part of your meal plan is a healthy and delicious option! 513 more words


Why are we defined by food?

I am not a vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, omnivore, fruititarian, ovo vegetarian or paleon. I do not do ‘diets.’

I do not define myself solely based on what I eat and I find it odd that people appear confused when I order a vegetarian or vegan meal. 689 more words



A public vehicle with many passengers,
the omni-bus, the omniscient bus, the omnipotent
vehicle of all living things, or at least the thoughts

of those living things, collected into… 107 more words


“I Eat Pretty Healthy”

Diet Nutrition Food Perspectives

I hear the quote in the above title a very high percentage of the time when I discuss nutrition with people. But it’s usually based on limited knowledge and biased… 566 more words


Baked Carrots, etc.

April 13, 2018Chino Valley-

I attended a small gathering, this evening, in which one of the centerpiece dishes was baked carrots, wrapped in maple-glazed bacon.  168 more words


Beefs With Veganism

So I had put the case for a vegan lifestyle earlier, but increasingly immersed in it, I found it to be like a religious belief system, reading as I was only vegan posts and watching vegan videos I became quite brainwashed into that reality tunnel, not wishing to encounter the other side of the story or even accept there was one. 3,989 more words



I am a conflicted omnivore.

I enjoy the taste of meat. I really do. I enjoy grilling meat, and creating seasonings and spice mixes to flavor meat. 668 more words