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Ricotta, Chocolate and Pears Crostata

I don’t really have a sweet tooth, I normally prefer savory treats but every now and then I get a sugar rush and reach for the cake. 437 more words


The Turkey Trot

“Is it mean to kill turkeys and eat them?” was the question posed to me by my seven year-old meat-eating son. I describe him as a “meat eater” because I am not. 466 more words


Food for Thought: Swallowing Our Guilt

If a cow could eat you right now, it would. It couldn’t care less about your feelings towards being eaten. It wouldn’t go to the trouble of killing you humanely and it wouldn’t stop to question the ethical dilemma of whether it’s morally right to eat you or not. 419 more words


Why "restrictive" diet plans are successful for super tasters

In shirt, it gives you parameters to follow and if you have cravings for other things and choose to leave the perimeter and open a gate (not a prison wall), you should be aware that you may not truly be hungry for nutrients, maybe just experimentation and fun in life. 105 more words


Simple Syrup

While I am a summer girl through and through, I am embracing fall a bit more this year. No jumping into piles of soggy decomposing leaves or decorating for Halloween (lets not get crazy). 103 more words