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N - Not Since I Stepped Out My Door

I used to think beauty
as apart from me,
an exotic thing
only seen in magazines.
Not now. Not anymore.
Not since I stepped out my door… 57 more words


Living with Newberry: Further comment on the creator of my favorite painting and why his work matters

In a world daily ripped apart by violence, hatred, and pain; a world where religious zealotry and irrational dogma routinely takes precedence over love and respect; a world where individual achievement is routinely sacrificed on the altar of conformity; Newberry and his art shine like a spotlight on the all too often ignored values of individual human existence and the power of striving for personal greatness. 164 more words

My Moral Code

Spotlight: Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith was born on October 25, 1975 in London, England to a Jamaican mother and an English father who divorced when she was a teenager. 371 more words


On Beauty, no.3.

Beauty is really hard to define;
for there’s many forms of beauty,
we are narrowing definitions of beauty,
there is beauty all around us,
many people can’t see this beauty, 39 more words

Charles Elffers

On Beauty, no. 2.

Words travel across space
rhythms pick up the night
sounds abound into meaning
creating a universe complete;
vibrating through imagination
to this transient beauty.


Finding the Beauty in Zadie Smith's On Beauty

When you examine the cover of the Zadie Smith’s On Beauty, it becomes clear that this is an important book – one that will be canonized along with works by contemporary writers like Toni Morrison and Salman Rushdie, and taught in college English classes for years to come. 1,002 more words

Women Writers

The Curing of a Bibliomaniac Part 19: On Beauty (Zadie Smith, 2005); a.k.a Books on a Plane.

Books left: 7. Weeks left: 11 (every little thing is gonna be all right). 

The greatest lie ever told about love is that it sets you free. 1,016 more words