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The Curing of a Bibliomaniac Part 19: On Beauty (Zadie Smith, 2005); a.k.a Books on a Plane.

Books left: 7. Weeks left: 11 (every little thing is gonna be all right). 

The greatest lie ever told about love is that it sets you free. 1,016 more words


On beauty; No. 1.

Keen air is biting my being,

drying my skin,

it is keeping me awake

so that I can write,

read and grow into tomorrows:

A meditation for the soul, 6 more words

Charles Elffers

A beautiful hummingbird, thought extinct, is found alive

Reader Lou Jost told me that a very rare hummingbird, the Blue-Bearded Helmetcrest (Oxypogon cyanolaemus), thought to be extinct since 1946, has just been rediscovered in its very restricted habitat—the… 613 more words

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. . It is always wonderful to find something beautiful that we thing we have destroyed still lives! .

"Do NOT Touch My Hair"// The Natural Hair debacle...

It’s 2015, and we’re still taking the self love and appreciation thing seriously. We’re still obsessing (rightfully so, I must add) over our God given curls. 909 more words


Zadie Smith, Lifevest

In which Carrie goes back to college . . . . 

This itch.  Once at the height of my intellectual stamina.  The time when the person starved of morality sees the world through literature, and begins, anew, on a quest for purpose. 728 more words


"Antonioniennui" on the big screen! - L'Aaventura in 35mm reignites my love of Antonioni.

Last night Patt and I had the rare opportunity to see Michelangelo Antononi’s film “L’Avventura” as a 35mm film print at the Northwest Film Center. It was shown as part of the Italian Style exhibition at the Portland Art Museum. 1,757 more words


Italian Perfection: Portland Art Museum and Third Angle New Music bring 20th century Italy to life

THANK YOU, THANK YOU THIRD ANGLE! The “Made in Italy” concert, in conjunction with the Portland Art Museum is one of my top 3 favorite shows you have ever done. 866 more words