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A Change Of Color

“How many eyes are required to
See the appearance of Being?
To change the world
One need only change
The color of the glass
One looks through.”  Wu Hsin…

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What happens when this moment becomes more important than the next moment (or the previous moment).  When everything, everything you’ve got, everything you are, everything you need to do, everything that is, is 

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On Presence

Wu Hsin Quote Magnificence of Ordinary

“This world offers
So many distractions
That it is difficult
To perceive
The magnificence of
What is ordinary.
The simpler things get
The more beautiful…

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Spiritual Enlightenment

Access To The Power Of Life Itself

“Through the present moment you have access to the power of life itself.”   Eckhart Tolle

If I let myself pay attention to it, ordinary life might turn into an orchestra.

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On Presence

Oh – don’t miss this moment!
Open your arms and let it flow into your being,
Just for this now.
Suspend your worries –
hand them over to the clouds to hang unto for a bit.

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On Presence

On Beauty by Zadie Smith

Miraculous Zadie Smith. She manages to find beauty everywhere, to elevate the seemingly mundane to the sublime in this funny, touching story.

An homage to Howard’s End, this is the story of two families: the Kipps’s and the Belseys. 204 more words


A Tale of ... Several Campuses

As Malcolm Bradbury put it in the first line of The History Man: “Now it is autumn again; the people are all coming back,” yet the beginning of the school year simply doesn’t feel right without the murmur of the rain, wet boots and coats, warm sweaters, and red-gilded trees. 686 more words

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