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From the R&RG Archive: "I Love All Beauteous Things"

Friends, this week has been a busy one. In addition to work and the other work of child-chasing, there’s been traveling and a tiny bit of writing and even reading. 329 more words

Recommended Reading

The Zadie Smith Novel You Might Have Missed

If the Litvinoffs are your kind of fictional family, the Belseys and the Kippses might be, too. An aging interracial couple living in a college town and duly playing their longstanding roles of professor and academic wife, Howard and Kiki Belsey are trapped in a swirl of resentments and sexual and professional frustrations. 78 more words


Learning to Love Yourself: Developing Your Own Beauty

Everyone is trying to redefine beauty. I would say that it’s “nowadays,” but it’s not new. Beauty has been undergoing a constant process of definition and redefinition since civilization dawned, or at least since history began: with every major culture and generation, a new “ideal psychique” arises. 1,066 more words


Read It: On Beauty by Zadie Smith

While on vacation in Costa Rica I spent part of time reading the novel “On Beauty” by Zadie Smith. I’d previously read (devoured) “NW” and “THE AUTOGRAPH MAN” as well as short stories like “ 395 more words


Top 5: 2015 Books (So Far)

Woop, woop! We are halfway through 2015 and so this is a high time to share the five best books I read so far (excluding re-reads, because if I included re-reads PERCY JACKSON, need I say more). 403 more words


Howards End, On Beauty

In May, I showed my summer reading list to a well-read friend of mine. She said, “Did you know that this [On Beauty by… 795 more words


What "Body Positivity" Really Means

“Body positivity” is a beautiful, well-intended movement designed to boost women’s self-esteem and restore our collective identity after the horribly destructive “Twiggy” and “Heroine Chic” movements. 1,067 more words