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Bookworm Holiday (Self) Gift Guide

Need holiday gift ideas? How about books? Here are some I’ve read in recent weeks. (Disclaimer: I will continue to add on to this list, but these are all YA for now.) 846 more words


Irene Nemirovsky's — Fire in the Blood *****

After Silvio returns to his French village years later, he loses his land bit by bit because of its neglect during his absence. He’s soon drawn into the family’s secrets when he stumbles on the real reason for Colette’s husband’s drowning. 23 more words

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Karen L. Kristjanson's — Co-Parenting from the inside out *****

In a world where a high percentage of marriages end in divorce, it’s surprising that books of this genre haven’t been published before. No wonder Dundurn Press snapped up this practical guide to surviving a divorce and bringing up children who live part time in two separate homes. 112 more words

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Tim Winton's — Breath *****

Bruce is on an ambulance team, but his co-workers sense something is not quite right with him. Travelling back to his teens when he met the thrill seeking Sando and his wife on the West Australian coast, we learn of the devastating event that transformed Bruce’s life. 22 more words

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Susan Morgan”s — Bombay Anna *****

This is a fascinating biography of Anna Leonowens who pretended to be British, covering up her past, even from her children, to become the nanny to the King of Siam’s children; travel the world; then settle in Canada to raise her family during the Victorian era when other women stayed at home. 60 more words

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How to Make the Days Count {Celtic Advent}

Have you found that when God shows you something there are “sacred echoes” (as Margaret Feinberg calls them) everywhere?

When I wrote “Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas” 137 more words

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Mariam Toews — A boy of good breeding *****

Hosea Funk, the mayor of a small town, is obsessed in obtaining the perfect population figure in the hope of meeting the prime minister. He drags Knute along as he checks on births and deaths, making this a humourous tale. 37 more words

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