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The stories others remember 

Today for class my professor had us text our friends and family and ask them, “what’s your favorite story about me?” She then had us put away our phones and wait. 351 more words

Books I enjoyed

One of the reasons I pick up a book about World War II every now and then is because they are such good reminders of the more recent horrors of our history. 360 more words

On Books

13 Reasons Why: On Snowball Effect and Identity

Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why is a book that is being adapted into a series by Netflix.

The story is about a teenager, Hannah Baker, who had committed suicide a week before the events of the book. 754 more words

On Books

Sunday Reading with Poe and the Strangely Hypnotizing Illustrations of Abigail Larson.

All featured illustrations by Abigail Larson. Click to view more or buy.

It’s a rainy Sunday evening and I’m taking a pleasurable breather – before the madness of the week ensues- dipping my mind into Poe’s infamous short story… 437 more words

Bookworm Extras

Do No Harm - Part 2

I trust my intuition so much, even to the littlest thing like going to a book store and feeling that a certain book is ‘calling’ me. 198 more words

The Insights

Holding out for Life, Love and Sci-Fi Poems.

Is there life out there? Is there love out there? Is there anything…out there.In here. Every now and then I stumble across a real gem in my insatiable book-thirst. 211 more words

On Books

I miss doing nothing

I miss doing nothing. Or I miss the idea of doing nothing. I spend a lot of time thinking about which, and whether there’s a real difference, or an unreal difference, and that too takes up more time. 803 more words

On Concepts