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Listener wins at Eric Hoffer Awards

Listener in the Snow has won honorable mention at the prestigious Eric Hoffer Book Awards which honors small and independent presses which produce meritorious and memorable works. 109 more words

Gregory David Roberts' Shantaram

Sentenced to nineteen years in prison, Roberts escapes from his Australian jail cell and heads to India. Robbed in Mumbai, he’s forced to live in the slums until his life in various illegal operations, lead him to a more comfortable life style. 45 more words

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Books I enjoyed:

The Lover’s Portrait written by Jennifer S. Alderson, was a fun and exciting read!

The main character is Zelda, a young American woman, who has been immersing herself in Dutch culture, studying art. 208 more words


Emma Donoghue's — The Wonder

Lib, an English nurse, arrives in an Irish village in the 1850s to keep watch over Anna so as to confirm that she doesn’t eat. The child’s fast is driving the faithful on pilgrimages to her house and Lib is suspicious. 65 more words

Book Review

The Weekly Commonplace (5/7/17)


“Historical artifacts make physically manifest the dreams and ideas, the great deeds and events, of human history…. Steeped in legend, artifacts forge an indelible link with the past…. 194 more words


Bungo Stray Dogs: a gate to Japanese literature

The manga Bungo Stray Dogs (文豪ストレイドッグス) is a manga written by Asagiri Kafka (朝霧カフカ) and illustrated by Harukawa Sango (春川35). One particularity of the manga is that the characters of the series are named after great literature authors. 276 more words

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Books I enjoyed:

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

This book was written in 1985, but I only just read it. And it gave me chills. 346 more words

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