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My book of the month—it's a near run thing

January was a month of waiting for our family and what do I do when I’m waiting? I read, and then I read some more. And, this time around, because of the nature of the waiting, I knitted. 765 more words


Happy Six Months! And an Ode to the Ordinary.

It’s kind of weird that it’s been six months since I started this blog. It’s also kind of weird that I graduated college almost nine months ago, which was the primary reason behind my starting this blog. 861 more words

On Books

Favorite Reads: November and December

Even though I’ve developed a habit of posting these “Favorite Reads” bits about 3 weeks late, I’m at least proud of the fact that I’ve written a brief review of at least one book each month since last August. 784 more words


Interview with Kimberly Michelle Scott

I absolutely love talking to new authors and learning about their journey. Kimberly Michelle Scott is someone I stumbled upon recently and we had a little chat about her new book, The Collection: A Book of Short Stories. 690 more words


The Dreaded DNF List

Let’s talk about our DNF lists. Whenever I have to add a book to it, I vacillate between being ashamed of not finishing the book (particularly if it has received accolades) and feeling liberated from the tyranny of a book I was not enjoying. 852 more words


Introducing Jill's book page: Books I've Read in 2016

There’s a new feature on Jill’s Scene—my book page:  Books I’ve Read in 2016

There’s a techy bit associated with this new feature. It’s a page, not a post. 420 more words


"the city dreaming" | Haiku

on the steel blue glass / a hushed jet slips and shivers / the city dreaming