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Sleeves up Women! You need to stop ignoring your health. Like right now!

Did you love yourself enough today? How? Well, did you switch to green tea, Rose tea or amla tea from the regular strong coffee and that masala tea? 230 more words

On cooking...

So, how do I put it? How did you feel when your first crush winked at you or asked you out? Or, if that did not happen, how about first love? 677 more words

Quick Shrimp Lunch Taco's

I have the opportunity to work from the comforts of my home when I don’t have in person meetings. Which is great, but sometimes it means I don’t take the time I should for lunch. 646 more words

'On Cooking'

Garlic Lemon Chicken

I absolutely LOVE when Jim says he wants something to eat. I take it as a challenge. A couple months ago I received the “I want something lemony and garlicy and chickeny”. 695 more words

'On Cooking'

Santa Wonderland Puffs

Saturday I made “Santa Wonderland” Cream Puffs by a lucky mistake. I hope my mistake actually happens again tomorrow morning when I make cream puffs for my coworkers for our first annual “Pot Luck Luncheon”. 65 more words

'On Cooking'

On Cooking Journey - So it begins...

I like to experiment and test things out!¬†You’ll see random updates as I work my way through self teaching of culinary fundamentals. The majority will be from my own brain with a bit of help from the culinary textbook ‘On Cooking’. 234 more words

'On Cooking'