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Russian Answers to American Theatre’s Questions

Theater Plus blog No. 88. American Theatre magazine used to do a cool thing – posting interesting and sometimes provocative questions on their Facebook page. I think that practice fell by the wayside for some time, but I’ve noticed it has come back recently. 1,570 more words

On Criticism

171. (T.S. Eliot)

Among Eliot’s staunchest and nimblest readers, Christopher Ricks was unrelenting in his 1978 attack on Eliot’s late essay, “What is Minor Poetry?”  I offer first a series of quotations from Ricks’ piece, published in  3,748 more words

T.S. Eliot

166. (Christopher Ricks)

A professor of mine at university who had studied under Christopher Ricks in the late 60s or early 70s at Oxford, told me that he admired him deeply still, after the academic skirmishes of the 80s, and that he told all graduate students that the single best book for learning how to read poetry was Ricks’ … 1,614 more words

On Criticism

The Wharf Revue, or, how Australian Theatre is failing herself (New Party)

‘In its 17 years the Revue has poked fun at local politicians and political scandals, with varying – and consistently decreasing – levels of incisiveness, but its 2016 outing was a particularly low point, too light a touch in a negative banner year for politics. 56 more words


Georg Genoux Takes Leave of Moscow

Theater Plus blog No. 191. I am reposting this piece out of order so as to make it available again now at the request of an old friend. 1,768 more words


Art Meets Life in A New Moscow Production

Theater Plus blog No. 58. Wow, I just nearly brought myself to tears by reading through to the end of this piece. Not because of anything I wrote, but because this tale brought back an extremely emotional moment that I and a whole audience once shared in a theater. 1,479 more words


Turning Our Backs on Anton Chekhov

Theater Plus blog No. 46. Chekhov is fighting stuff in Russia. Especially for the Chekhov police. The blog below was one of the last forays in a long-running battle I had with the Chekhov police (I didn’t even know about it for the longest time). 1,370 more words