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20 Years of Theater in The Moscow Times (2012)

Reposting of Theater Plus blog No. 188. This was the last of the pieces I did looking back over my tenure as the theater critic for the first 20 years of The Moscow Times. 986 more words


194. (Erich Auerbach)

Literature only happens at a distance from the ideology it depends on for its making; that is why ideological critique of any literary work is possible, without our having to cease reading it as literature, and yet without doing literary criticism. 1,887 more words

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193. (Marius Bewley)

Marius Bewley is probably little remembered nowadays; a literary critic of the mid-century, whose critical principles were indebted mostly to Lionel Trilling and F.R. Leavis, he wrote mostly, and most penetratingly, on American literature. 1,069 more words

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In the Belly of the Beast

Reposting of Theater Plus blog No. 163. One of the most ignominious disasters of my career as a theater critic. Donatas Grudovich put me in a skin-suit made for me when I was 18 (I was pushing 58 at the time of this incident) and then my old friend Ken Reynolds was there to capture the moment in pixels. 1,560 more words


191. (Samuel Johnson)

Samuel Johnson has never held me in magnetic thrall as he does so many of the critics I admire. He seems so thoroughly of another world of poetry and taste. 1,688 more words

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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! (2011)

Theater Plus blog No. 148. It’s six years down the road, but the timing of this repost comes up pretty well. Happy Holidays to all! 852 more words


Gorky's 'The Lower Depths'

Theater Plus blog No. 134. I had almost forgotten about this, one of the more liberating blogs I wrote. As a critic I worked hard to maintain neutrality and, more so, to avoid being a smart ass. 1,479 more words