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Audrey Hepburn VS Katharine Hepburn: Who is Better?

Yeah, I am doing it vintage babies. I am asking a question a lot of movie fans ask. Who is better, Audrey or Katherine Hepburn? I am posting the video below, please tell me who you think is better. 12 more words

Fonda & Stewart: Their Later Acting Roles

Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stewart were lifelong friends. They found time to make three films together over the course of their long career. From their early days as struggling actors, to their years as Hollywood royalty, their friendship ran deep, despite their political and personality differences. 744 more words


From Rebecca: Our Souls at Night

There is a new film on Netflix streaming that I have been watching in parts for the last week and finished today, called Our Souls at Night… 496 more words

From Rebecca

Late afternoon reflection

Friday afternoon happy hour by the pond, a lone heron sits among the ibises. It turns out birds of a feather don’t always flock together and that ibis are known for mixed species foraging.

La Belle Époque

I have been doing a tremendous amount of thinking about the term “golden”.  It seems to be a recurring word, and overall present theme.

A few weeks ago, I watched the film, 278 more words

A short blog entry today before I call bingo

Greetings, readers. I am still under the weather, but feeling well enough to call bingo tonight until our regular bingo caller gets back from work. Around 5pm, I’m going to Panera and get some turkey chili and coffee. 324 more words


Shining staging of "On Golden Pond"

By Thom deMartino

As dearly as we may often wish our lives to remain the same — perennially in a season of bloom — the world inevitably turns, moves on… whether we like it or not. 770 more words