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What I Wore This Week | #FROCKTOBER Week 4


Some people my find this whole FROCKTOBER thing a little silly; after all, it is a bit materialistic and about clothing and what we wear; it’s not about saving the world or doing some good for others. 485 more words

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Bridalplasty saved my wedding.

Bridalplasty. If you haven’t seen this show yet, and you love trashy television, stop everything you are doing. Buy season one on iTunes, watch all ten hours of it, and then cry because there isn’t a second season. 659 more words

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The Power Of Dreams For Our Writing And Our Well-Being

We all dream when we sleep. Some people say they don’t, but it’s probably more a case of them not remembering them. We usually remember our dreams just for a short time after waking, but sometimes they are so intense we find them difficult to cast off in the morning, and they linger on us like a heavy cloak of unsettled feelings and we wonder where on earth from inside us they came from, we wonder what they mean. 1,465 more words

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Street thoughts #1: When it rains it pours

(Ok so this series will be where I record and articulate my thoughts when I’m out on the streets – hence the name, duh. Most of them will probably be mumbo jumbo, few will be good so read selectively) 602 more words

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine, Rain in Paris


On our first night in Paris earlier this year it started raining while we were out for a walk. The lights caught in the rain on the wet side walks turned the  cityscape into a magical place . 27 more words

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No matter who we are, we all dream.  – This Is Where It Ends, Marieke Nijkamp

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Conman Ben Chiza Takes OneCoin Financial Scam To Mw…Though Banned In Bulgaria, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Poland, China, UK

Malawi’s popular conman Ben Chiza Mkandawire is at it again and this time around he is pushing a financial scam called OneCoin a.ka One Life to Malawi. 210 more words