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Not that place nor that time

What is meant to be yours will find you at the most unlikely time in the most unlikely place. You could not possibly plan it, and you cannot anticipate it. 37 more words

On Life

Potential Life Troubles & Problems

It’s best to empty our minds of potential troubles & problems and deal with them as they come –if they come.

Luis Samuel González

On Life

A World With & Without God

To observe the world and think there is no God can drive you mad. To observe the world and believe God exists can drive you insane.

Luis Samuel González

On Life

Pretty Good So Far

It was my destiny to join in a great experience.    —  Herman Hesse From his novel: “The Journey To The East 26 more words

Doing nothing is a blessing

Having lots to do is a blessing. Having nothing to do is also a blessing. Sometimes you need to take a break from it all, to unwind, relax, and strengthen the relationship you have with yourself; the most important relationship of all. 110 more words

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Mercury Glass For A Touch of Sparkle

I’ve always found that mixing elements of old with elements of new adds that personal touch to a home. Making your place feel like it’s yours gives it that warm and welcoming feeling. 229 more words

On Life

25-Hour Days: Making Your Writing a Priority

This is probably the most life-appropriate title I’ve used yet.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been juggling a highly demanding job with an unnecessarily-complicated move.   1,076 more words

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