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How 'Call The Midwife' Helps Us Better Understand Female Friendships


PBS offers a lot of great programming, and I’ve been delighted with several shows that have become my favorites, from Downton Abbey to Mr. Selfridge… 309 more words

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Blame it all on the greed...

I was introduced to country music many years ago by a good friend, and my daughter also caught the bug and loved the music as much as we did. 1,194 more words

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What the Bernie or Bust Crowd Needs Now is Understanding, not Mockery

I see some people—people I like and respect—mocking Bernie Sanders supporters on social media now that Hillary has secured the nomination. At first, I’ll admit, it gave me pause. 529 more words

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The Benefits of Journaling

Hallo, meanderers!

I know, I haven’t posted in a long time, but I’ve been preparing a gigantic post on obscure fruits, which is very daunting. So daunting that months have passed and it’s still sitting in my drafts folder while I post on my other blogs. 709 more words

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I recently lost my fur baby...

I know this post is a bit out of the ordinary of my writing updates; however, I’ve always said that this is still a place where I want to come and share a bit of my world with you. 388 more words

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Young people often ask us how they can help address issues like sex trafficking or international poverty. Our first recommendation to them is to get out and see the world… to tackle an issue effectively, you need to understand it – and it’s impossible to understand an issue by simply reading about it.

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Here's What I've Learned About #Adulting (So Far)

After a month of floundering in the LinkedIn vortex, slaving over cover letters, and waiting for answers, I landed my first post-grad, real-world job as a… 656 more words

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