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Grocery Store Bonding and Singing in Safeway: Two Stories

I’m going to attempt to tell these stories as they happened, exactly as they happened. I live in the town of Severna Park, and the closest grocery store is Safeway, which is walkable. 880 more words

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[단양, 울진, 백암, 안동 여행기] 아름다움 편 - 우리 산과 건축

가족과 함께 단양에서 백암 온천으로, 그리고 안동을 다녀왔다. 다녀온 여운이 가시지 않는다. 사진으로는 내가 본 아름다움의 100분에 1도 담지 못했다. 운전하면서 본 소백산맥의 멋은 그저 눈에 담아야 했다.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh Shiny, Elephants in the Sky

Ooh, Shiny!  

Thinking about the question what would distract me and cause me to stop that which I am busy with, I immediately thought about clouds. 52 more words

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[Magazine B 예찬] 자존감과 자유

이 글을 읽는 여러분께 ‘자라면서 내가 좋아하고 잘 하는 것에 온전히 몰입해 본 경험이 얼마나 있냐’고 물으며 시작하고 싶다.

내 개인의 기억와 주변의 모습으로 추측해 보건데, 그런 사람이 많지 않다.

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The Birthday Post: 52 Life Lessons

Yup. It’s that time, I’m afraid.

It’s time for the annual birthday post. It’s the one day of the year that I allow myself to feel blessed and old at the same time. 526 more words

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How One Photo Inspired Our Porch

Over the weekend I was cleaning out a bunch of files on my computer, and I came across the image below.

It’s the picture I saved when we moved into our home four years ago, and the photo that ended up inspiring the look of our own porch that we added on to our 40-plus-year-old home. 221 more words

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Hope for When the World Goes Mad

I googled “world going insane” just now and got over 9,080,000 results. And I’m not the least bit surprised. The world gets hotter by the year, and yet climate deniers insist that global warming is a hoax, or at best not being caused by human activity. 1,065 more words

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