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Unpleasant Metaphor

Last weekend, I participated in a three-day EFL immersion camp. During the camp, no student was allowed to speak Portuguese. Those who committed this petty crime were rightfully punished with games and sarcastic but poignant humiliation. 286 more words


As if we were all one soul . . .

What could make me love
my fellow Christian better
than to see that God loves us all
as if we were all one soul?

JULIAN OF NORWICH… 9 more words

Julian Of Norwich

Everything is different up close. – The Year of the Flood, Margaret Atwood

Book Quotes

I Might Have Died There

I might have died there, and no one known or cared,
least of all that righteous body who claim to speak for God . . . 98 more words


Your life is a precious gift, and where there is a gift there is a Giver, and when you’ve been given a gift you should always say thank you. 

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Book Quotes

America’s Secret Yearning for a King


George III of the United Kingdom                   George I of the United States

America’s Secret Yearning for a King

One cannot help but wonder
in those heady days after Yorktown, 197 more words


Brown Spider: A Hate Story

“There’s a spider in the car, Mama,” comes a little voice from the back seat.

It was a calm statement. One of interest more than anything else, said in the same way she might say, “The sun is out, Mama,” or “I like suckers, Mama.” 844 more words

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