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"Your stories give me hope," she said.


“Your stories give me hope,” the woman said to me when she told me how much she liked Inn Significant. “Where do you get your inspiration?” she asked. 175 more words

On Life

Question #4: Was My Childhood Really "Not That Bad"?

Is a good childhood one where I was berated on a daily basis?  Berated for minutes about something minor or falsely perceived until I snap?  Or be yelled at derisively on a consistent basis? 396 more words


Playing With Book Covers For An Upcoming Collection

I’ve started the editing process for my upcoming book entitled, The Postcard and Other Short Stories & Poetry. So far, I’ve organized the stories and made a comprehensive list of what will be included and what is getting pitched. 293 more words

On Life

Revelation--build a better society

The endless circle.  The Mobius strip.  Mass Casualty Event-> Massive Outcries for Reform -> Push back by people who wish to clarify what needs reforming -> Flags at Half Mast and rants on Social Media and Editorials from News Organizations ->  Public loses interest -> No change occurs -> Mass Casualty Event… 1,100 more words


Become A Writer, They Said.

This one got me giggling.

As I sat in my office this morning looking at all the short stories I am planning to include in my upcoming collection, I started to panic. 215 more words

On Life

Taking Steps Toward Leadership--Risk

What kind of risks do we take every day?  I mean real risks!  Did you drive to work?  Did you worry about someone with road rage shooting at you on the way?  1,101 more words


Taking Steps Toward Leadership--Demanding Loyalty

Loyalty is a visible sign of Love.  If someone loves you, they will go out on a limb to protect you, to help you, to bolster your confidence, and to stick with you through thick and thin.  913 more words