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Little Kids, Little Problems...

I’m sitting on the sofa in my pajamas watching My Little Pony and wishing I was somewhere else. And yet also happy to be here, in my heart. 609 more words

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Making the Book Trailer for Inn Significant

More and more authors are creating book trailers for their work. The hope is that someone will see the trailer and then want to read the novel. 190 more words

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Being Tossed Aside: Trash In A Can

I was looking through my “collection” of poetry I’ve written and came across this poem. Some of the poetry I’ve penned makes me cringe because the poems were written with such emotion, it immediately brings me back to that moment, and sometimes I don’t want to be reminded of it. 283 more words

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Another one for #Worldpoetryday

On World Poetry Day: A Poem

In honor of World Poetry Day…

The poem I’m sharing today was published on The Whistling Fire, which is no longer in existence, so I feel that I can post it now on this blog. 373 more words

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Is It Time For A New Name?

The other day I drove past this scene (actually as a passenger) in Gary, Indiana. Recently I’ve been reading a collection of narratives titled Voices from the Rust Belt. 264 more words

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5 Tips To Help Your Productivity


When I give book talks, people who know I have a full-time, demanding job as a professor—along with an active family life—often ask me when and how I find time to write. 921 more words

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Position and Entitlements!

A silent night amidst the clamor around. Blurred visions despite the blinding lights. Wandering thoughts based on the ambiguities of life… Of drifters among the stars and interlopers between universes. 65 more words

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