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abundance of love

Days after days and nights after nights, I discovered there was a reason for the sleepless nights, the heavy anxieties, the ongoing burdens, the painful realities of depression and the sighs of my heart. 585 more words

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How to Find God's Will

Should I marry this person? What career should I pursue? Should I change jobs? Should I move from here to there?  These questions, and many others, are important life decisions. 90 more words

Good News

A Hiiatus :-)

It has been a long time since I wrote anything. But now I have this sudden burst of creativity and restlessness that just wants me to pen down… 44 more words

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The most dangerous thing you can do

The most dangerous thing you can do in life is play it safe. Casey Neistat.

I’ve experience with playing it safe. Specifically with girls. I’ve talked to enough girls that I know – as soon as I start censoring myself, I’ve lost. 102 more words



Hey guys,

I was nominated by Kitty  to do the Liebster award so here it is. 728 more words


At the beach...

When I changed my Facebook profile picture, I didn’t realize how different it would be from my reality this week. Far from this white-sand beach where nobody cared about my outfit, I had the bad idea, when I got out of work at noon, to take a book and to sit down on the sand. 608 more words

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Review: The Spitfires - A Thousand Times

This article was originally published to The Edge on  14th August 2016

Here’s how I imagine The Spitfires’ elevator pitch for A Thousand Times going down: “Imagine you’re standing in a lift listening to the tame, boisterous, and uninventive pop sounds of elevator music, timidly conducted through the air. 762 more words