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I have just had a lovely chat with my mum and I have to say, sometimes I do look at her and think I am so lucky to have someone like her in my life. 733 more words

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Okay. I haven’t mentioned anything about this ring-buckle bag from Chloé here, but have to admit that this bag is lovely. The It Bag that you have probably already seen everywhere now… 7 more words


Stupid things people say - Single Parenting

I am a mother of 2, without a life partner. Oh, the heavy cross that I must bear.

It is annoying when people find out that I am a single mother; the first words they utter are usually along the lines of ‘shame’, “‘sorry’, ‘I think you are so strong’.” 776 more words



Hey guys,

So the other night I was watching the news with my parents and an issue came up about shaming people on the internet and specifically on twitter. 301 more words

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I’m in love with the coco

Just like O.T Genesis, I sure am ‘in love with the coco’ and I absolutely ‘got it for the low, low.’

Who knew coconut was so useful? 203 more words

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So today I was talking to my friend C. He has been arguing with his girlfriend quite a bit lately, and today when they had finally sorted things out, his girlfriend L showed him messages from her best friend and he had called her fat. 432 more words

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Dreams can be the best and worst thing about sleep

I’m slightly emotional right now. It may seem stupid, but I’m emotional right now simply because I have had a really emotional dream.

In this dream, I had been to the cinemas with my boyfriend, much like we did the other night to celebrate my GCSE results and me getting a new job. 325 more words

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