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On My Mind: Celebrations

I’ve survived up to today and by god it’s Wednesday which mean I owe you Deviants another piece of what’s On My Mind.

So we’re about to get into that time of the year which some people refer to as wedding season which means that there’s a lot of celebrations ahead, in fact I’m part of one this weekend. 198 more words


Rebecca's 100-Word Life Philosophy

Live for God

Love fully

Love is always a choice

Listen deeply

Serve others

Learn something new

Do something different

Make something better

Quality over quantity… 75 more words

On My Mind

A Momentary Lapse of Reason

Maybe the title of this post, along with the accompanying album art, was to pull you in with the Pink Floyd reference, but the meat of the topic is me being upset with…..me. 1,837 more words

On My Mind

Embracing the Default Mode Network

Sometimes, it’s incredibly gratifying, and reassuring to realize that you’re not alone in your struggles, that people have oftentimes been in similar places in their own lives, and that part of the human experience is our innate desire to help one another and conquer these challenges. 738 more words

On My Mind

Crystal balls, accountability and risk: planning and managing agricultural research for development (R4D)

A few days ago, I wrote a piece about perceived or real threats to the UK’s development aid budget. I am very concerned that among politicians and the wider general public there is actually little understanding about the aims of international development aid, how it’s spent, what it has achieved, and even how it’s accounted for. 2,109 more words

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denk jij wel eens na over // donor worden

Afgelopen maanden was de nieuwe donorwet een hot topic in Nederland. Na veel wikken en wegen werd het actieve donorregistratiesysteem dan toch geaccepteerd door een kleine meerderheid, wat inhoud dat over twee jaar iedereen automatisch donor is tenzij zij zich actief afmelden. 263 more words

Life In General

7 books that didn't get to stay on the shelves.

I recently went through my shelves, having a good think about what books to keep. As I have done this a few times it has gotten easier (which I’ve mentioned before). 567 more words