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On My Mind: Breweries

Hump day! It’s the middle of the week Deviants and hopefully things have been on the up and up for you all so to bring you something extra for your week here’s another dose of what’s  258 more words


The art part of my moniker

I’ve been thinking about my feed on Instagram lately,  because I was asked about my philosophy behind it. The answer to that is; there really isn’t one. 265 more words


Thoughts Today 

Did I tell you?
You’re back in my thoughts,
Again today.


7 Apps I use

To know me is to know that I’m constantly looking at my phone. It’s embarrassing actually, I’m addicted. The photo above is my currant screensaver; with this depressing weather we are having it’s nice to have something cheerful to look at. 288 more words


The Space You Left Behind

Does one ever think that when one approaches the front door to answer it, the casual ritual often prevents us from employing our critical thinking – measuring and inductive reasoning – which may have spared us a new experience and not have ever impacted our conscious subjectivity and embedded an apprehension, or a logic, or a system of your interpretation of that moment forward; and you wake up and decide things and going to be different. 1,301 more words



It’s kind of interesting to look back on the last couple of months and see the progress in the website. From a design standpoint, not much has changed. 180 more words


To grow... 

We do not know how to endure. We want the depth, without the distance; the love, without the pain. We do not know how to be patient. 171 more words