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Hump Daaaaay.

*7:55 AM*

Good morning everyone who is reading this. Or afternoon…or night depending where you are in this world. It was quite hot last night, our room is so hot for some reason; the sun’s always hitting our room maybe that’s why. 368 more words


On My Mind: Fall

Why hello again my silly Deviants, I’m back to bring you another small dose of what’s been On My Mind so sit back and enjoy the ride. 225 more words


Ducks Are Cute.

The Good, The Bad And The Dirty by Panic! At The Disco is playing now. It’s hard not to dance to this whole damn album! It’s so good! 450 more words


5 Spots for Vegetarians in NYC.

I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life. Growing up it wasn’t an issue as my family are also vegetarian. But when I moved to NYC for college it took me some time to find places I could eat out at. 598 more words

On My Mind

He Knows

When I am not sure what I feel within my spirit,

When the ground below my feet seems to shift,

Still I will trust.

For I am called to the face the unknown. 206 more words

On My Mind

Monday Was Chill?

Microsoft Outlook won’t work! Wtf! Ugh… I need to have it working so I can receive emails that are requests for files here at work. >.> Great start. 262 more words