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Yes, the U.S. hates poor people. Big surprise.

The United States hates poor people. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, nor should it surprise anyone to hear Trump (perhaps the most accurate and vulgar embodiment of this country) say he doesn’t want a “poor person” in his cabinet. 513 more words

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Can We Draw Happiness?

Kalau di kertas saya gak bisa, tapi kalau dipikiran saya bisa. Pertanyaan ini muncul mendadak beberapa menit yang lalu. Tiba-tiba saja saya ingin menggambar dan menulis blog ini, satu (atau dua) hal yang saya jarang lakukan beberapa tahun belakangan ini karena saya terlalu sibuk bahagia dengan kegiatan yang sangat menyenangkan (baca: ngurus noesa.co.id, lagi diskon lebaran loh! 599 more words

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On My Mind: Walks

I can imagine that most of you Deviants are already thinking ahead to what crazy adventures you’re planning on doing this weekend so let me give you a mid-week dose of what’s  258 more words



NB; I wrote a long post about these three books but when I pressed “publish” is just disappeared. I made a sour face, got on with life for a bit and then sat down to try to recreate it. 628 more words


"Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?"

This is our last week of school and it’s hard. Saying goodbye is difficult and it’s not something I’m good at. I hold on for too long. 703 more words

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My Museum

On my most recent visit spring visit to Phoenix, Arizona to watch spring training baseball, I took a day off to visit the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) which had been recommended to me repeatedly by two of my best friends. 955 more words


On My Mind: Injuries

Halfway through the week and I’m still sweating from this heat that I’ve been getting up in my stomping grounds but that’s okay because I’m still going to be giving you a little bit of what’s  221 more words