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You're Talking To Gd Wrong: Milra & Mileil

Is it SHA-bat or sha-BAT? Hage-DO-lim or hagedo-LIM? V’a-HAV-ta or v’ahav-TA? And does it really matter?

Well, in that last case? Yes. Extremely much. 536 more words


Men: Why It’s Important To Keep Your Mouth Shut

I should really hold on to this idea and develop it into a book, but I feel, as sort of a public service, that I must share this critical piece of knowledge with any of my young male readers who are contemplating a relationship with a woman or who have entered into such a relationship. 789 more words


Freshers' Week: The Finish Line

Today is either our first day of the real term, or the last day of Freshers’ Week. The lines between the two are somewhat blurry because everybody seems to be working anyway – the college library, foreign to us only a few days ago, is now almost entirely populated by freshers working on their first essays. 367 more words

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Hey guys,

I have come to realise I have a fear of being persecuted on the internet. Everyone takes everything so personal now days and it has become so easy to offend someone. 361 more words


NYC police commissioner: I snatched pot from surprised smoker

How Making and Not Making Drug Arrests
Threatened My Police Career

January 7, 2015

Immediately after completing NYPD academy training I was assigned to a lower Manhattan precinct training unit. 2,075 more words

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A cry for encouragement...

OK friends help me here because I’m struggling.

I know that the enemy is working overtime against me, as I sit here at my children’s soccer games in the NCP’s City of residence… I know that I’m struggling because I have to watch my kids cuddle with my now ex-wife, the NCP and his mother while I sit here, alone in a strange place. 969 more words


When God Speaks.

When God says move- you move. When He says stay- you stay.

So far the only word we have received is “I am with you, where ever you go.” 327 more words

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