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Monster Hunter World ≠ Dauntless

Written 6/13/17

A quick glance at Dauntless’ potential player base would make one thing abundantly clear: Dauntless served as a substitute solution to a long existing problem. 348 more words

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On My Radar #6

Maia and her family raise dragons for the political war machine. As she comes of age, she hopes for a dragon of her own to add to the stable of breeding parents.

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On my Radar #5

When a high-ranking officer gallops into the quiet Mistyvales, he brings a warning that shakes the countryfolk to their roots. But for Aedan, a scruffy young adventurer with veins full of fire and a head full of ideas, this officer is not what he seems.

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On my Radar #4

Young Corban watches enviously as boys become warriors, learning the art of war. He yearns to wield his sword and spear to protect his king’s realm.

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On My Radar: 5 New York Museum Exhibits

I’m genuinely shocked that it took my until this past weekend to update my Instagram bio to include “museum rat.” My parents started taking me to exhibits when I was really young (I played hooky from pre-school at the Met), and over the years they created a bit of monster. 325 more words


[Chat] May Releases

Holy shit, I just had a look and there are so many amazing books coming out this month. It is nuts. To save this from becoming the world’s longest post, I have narrowed it down to a few of the ones I am the most excited for but just know, there are a tonne of other books being released this month. 56 more words

That Incredible "In-Hand Feel"

I’ve heard it said more than once that someone simply loved the “feel” of a game. As if it was a new food against the surface of their tongue or a stone against their fingers, they explain the experience as if it was a visceral one. 356 more words

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