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Discussion points: Influences

From the series ‘Only The Clouds are Truly Free’, inspired by the work of Magritte

Following on from the previous article on finding inspiration – it makes sense to throw another question out to the audience – who are your inspirations? 451 more words


what inspires you?

I recently wrote an article on my other blog about it (my other blog is in portuguese, my native language); that text was also based on the daily promts, where I was speaking about the spiritual effect of being in touch with fully and truth sensation of freedom. 383 more words

Daily Post

Photoessay: John Rylands, Manchester

I had a very small amount of time between meetings during a recent visit to Manchester; one of the buildings on my to-shoot list is (was, I guess) the John Rylands Library. 278 more words


Meet the Hagas

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting a surprise elopement between two friends of mine. After many months of planning an elaborate wedding and stress levels weighing down the joy, Rachael and Cameron decided to bite the bullet and say, “Screw it. 339 more words


On Photography by Susan Sontag

“Like a pair of binoculars with no right or wrong end, the camera makes exotic things near, intimate; and familiar things small, abstract, strange, much farther away.”

798 more words

All That Remains is the Glitter (and Some Memories)

It is graduation season at the nation’s colleges and high schools and millions are donning caps and gowns and going through ceremonies and rituals that have been around for as long as any of us alive today can remember. 294 more words

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Photoessay: Doha to London


I always try to get a window seat if I’m flying, and if there might be the slightest chance of anything to see (night photography from an airplane has so far proven highly challenging, with few exceptions – either your ISO is cranked so high that any subtle tonality in the widespread blue palette completely disappears, or you have motion problems) 306 more words