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Photoessay: Suburban geometry, part I

Am I the only one who finds it odd that a) we are of organic, irregular shape and yet b) create our environments to be as regular and… 271 more words


Red Barn at Sunset

I was about to wrap up a walk on the Portage Hike and Bike trail near Kent, Ohio, when I noticed the late day sunlight nicely illuminating a red barn and old farm house at the Beckwith Orchard. 71 more words

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The Challenge Facing Operation Lifesaver

When the August issue of Trains arrived in my mailbox I was impressed with the cover image of the last Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus train crossing a curving steel trestle near Sweeneyburg, West Virginia. 496 more words

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Autumn in the Cuyahoga Valley

It’s a warm day in early November. The fall foliage is past its peak, but there is still a lot of color to be seen and photographed. 51 more words

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Photoessay: cityscape Istanbul

At the macro level, the structure of a city has always seemed much cleaner and more organised than when you get in it – there’s a sort of fractal perfection of the… 243 more words


Fishing at Sundown

A lone fisherman doesn’t seem fazed by the fact that the sun is setting over Lake Erie and soon he will be plunged into darkness. The scene is Edgewater Park in Cleveland on a late September day that saw the region set records for high temperatures. 19 more words

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Other Colors of Fall

We all know about fall foliage when tree leaves turn to hues of red, gold and orange as the seasons turn. Autumn is not usually known as a season for the colors of flowers, but there all of the images shown here I captured in September in Vermilion, Ohio. 11 more words

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