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Photoessay: Coastal texture

Today’s series is a continuation of the Australian aerials – this time exploring the abstracted textures of the coastal interface and immediately surrounding areas on both water and land. 216 more words


Can Social Documentary Photography ever be considered Art?

I am going to start on and off series of blogs going forward talking about whether social documentary photography itself is art and can be seen as such.  458 more words

Aaron Siskind on pictures

“First, and emphatically, I accept the flat plane of the picture surface as the primary frame of reference of the picture. The experience itself may be described as one of total absorption in the object. 105 more words

On Photography

On Assignment photoessay: Overpass

My biggest challenge with projects and assignments of this scale is always adequately capturing them and conveying that scale – too wide or too far away, and you lose identifiable detail; too close and you don’t get a feeling for the immensity. 302 more words


On photoshopped animal hybrids

The other day, I came across this post full of photoshopped animal hybrids and I really wanted to share it with you. 93 more words

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Beyond 'literal' photography

The diver

When is a photograph not a strictly a photograph?

This is a little question that I’ve bumped up against now and again with increasing frequency as I produce personal work that’s less literal and more… 1,314 more words


on space, time and photographs

“There is nothing mysterious about space-time. Every speck of matter, every idea, is a space-time event. We cannot experience anything or conceive of anything that exists outside of space-time. 30 more words

On Photography