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Art vs Things

I’m more and more convinced that my work is in a class by itself. 99% of the work I see is about things- the subject. 373 more words


by Henry Holmes Smith

I believe that our primary community is the community of living photographers, masters, teachers, and students. If we do not join together, no one will join us in our major purpose. 375 more words


Composition is not independent of exposure

Here’s a non-obvious thought: composition should be linked to exposure. On the face of it, this does not make any sense at all: how can something which is a technical property of the camera (exposure) control what we do with an artistic and subjective (composition) one? 1,468 more words


Photography and Fishing

I haven’t been fishing in over 35 years, but when I was a child summering on Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland, I went fishing on a regular basis. 1,341 more words


Avedon on Avedon

‘I once went to Washington for what they call a “photo opportunity” with Henry Kissinger. As I led him to the camera, he said a puzzling thing. 357 more words

On Photography

Photoessay: Urban isolation

The big C

Today’s photoessay is not quite varied Idea of man so much as man overwhelmed – we construct these grandiose environments for ourselves to use, but then land up almost being slave to them. 207 more words


A concise city guide for photographers - updated!

Updated from the 2012 version: my concise city guide for photographers. I’ve added many cities to the list since the first edition, and things have of course changed. 7,108 more words