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Photoessay: Scattered

I think of this set of images is a reflection of one’s rather scattered – but oddly consistent – state of mind when you see and grab an image on the way to doing something else… 283 more words


Prepare for Landing

This Great Blue Heron was flying around on the north side of the Vermilion River.

We wondered if it might have a nest over there, for it appeared to land in the trees and disappear. 29 more words

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Why GAS might actually turn out to be good for you

One is bad enough. Two is…well, probably a signal that some form of clinical treatment is required. Full disclosure: the second one was supplied as a spare… 1,353 more words


Photoessay: living Tokyo vignettes

The choice of title is a deliberate, non static one: the suggestion of motion in each of these images contributes to the feeling that we are viewing something transient, temporal and… 284 more words


That Warm Red Glow of Sunrise

Think of a sunrise or a sunset and what probably comes to mind is an image of the sun.

Yet some of the most interesting sunrise and sunset images I’ve made didn’t feature the sun at all. 55 more words

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Artist With a Chainsaw

I was driving on Old Main Road in Conneaut, Ohio, when I happened upon this man standing on a platform using a chainsaw to make a carving of a large tree. 62 more words

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