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Photoessay: life in Hanoi, part I

Today’s photoessay is a little out of sequence – it is the first set of little snippets of life captured during the Hanoi Cinematic Masterclass earlier in the year, but which until now have somewhat defied curation into a finished set (I blame that more on my schedule than anything). 150 more words


Synthesis: technology as an enabler for art

1957, from the Havana series. VR on the 70-200/4VR required for slow shutter to motion blur car handheld; D800E to maintain extended tonal range and relatively small aperture for DOF… 1,982 more words


on the power of 'technicalities'

“The fact that (in a conventional sense) technically incorrect photography can be more emotionally effective than a technically flawless image will be shocking to those who are naïve enough to believe that technical perfection alone constitutes the true value of a photo.”

Andreas Feininger

On Photography

Photoessay: domestic minimalism


I’m going to start by making two seemingly unrelated statements. 1. It is difficult, if not impossible, to turn ‘off’ your photographic eye once it has been turned on. 380 more words


on composition

“I am always lining things up, measuring angles, even during this interview. I’m observing the way you sit and the way you fi t into the composition of the space around you.”

Arnold Newman

On Photography

Brussels Terror alert weekend

This was a crazy week. For the entire (Western) world but also for me as a photographer. I was asked to go to Molenbeek about 10 times this week. 614 more words


Photoessay: Squeezing blood from a stone

Arches and blue

There are cities and places that never run out of inspiration or material to photograph because of weather, seasons, light, change, or sheer scale – no matter how many times you go back. 311 more words