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Let Sleeping Cats Lie

We had scarcely bought out tickets and walked through the front gate of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum near Tucson, Arizona, when we made a beeline for the cat’s grotto. 181 more words


There Goes the Circus Train for Good

I only caught the circus train once. That occurred on Nov. 5, 2011, during a railfanning excursion to Pittsburgh. We didn’t know it was there and happened to just see it. 490 more words

Norfolk Southern

Photoessay: Shadows and details

Texture is shadows, and shadows are texture: at the micro level, surface irregularities are thrown into relief and colors are intensified. This latter effect is an interesting property of raked lighting: since the pits in the surface structure of an object are in shadow, the overall reflected luminosity is lower. 203 more words


Stepping Back in Time at America's Oldest Hot Dog Stand

I was in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana, because that was where the steam train excursion had ended. We had a few hours to kill before the train returned to Detroit so I went walking around to find some things to photograph. 566 more words


Photoessay: On reflection, Lisbon

Probably the easiest way to ‘wimmelbild‘ a scene is to add reflections: the more reflections, the more layering and the more complexity can be built in. 305 more words


on the evolution of photographic processes

“In the history of photography, one process has always replaced another. The tumultuous realignment that’s going on in the photography now is really just a natural evolution. 28 more words

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