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Photoessay: Night falls on the coast

A Scandinavian winter. A dark afternoon with rapidly disappearing light and heavy skies. A new/old photographic-related friend, and a camera you’ve just had time to take out of the box and verify works at all – what do you do? 283 more words


The paradox of all creative professions

Imagine you’re hired to do something on the basis of the work you’ve previously done: the client likes your previous work, and wants you to do the same for their brief – within limitations, of course. 1,582 more words


Andy Warhol on 'work'

“I suppose I have a really loose interpretation of ‘work,’ because I think that just being alive is so much work at something you don’t always want to do. 11 more words

On Photography

Photoessay: Reflections on Prague

Today’s series of images is both literal, and not – what’s there is clearly defined, but what’s clearly defined is the product of a little optics and imagination. 197 more words


on magic and photography

“I think there is an element of magic in photography — light, chemistry, precious metals — a certain alchemy. You can wield a camera like a magic wand almost. 36 more words

On Photography

Artillery Arts Cafe Tour - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

My favorite activity while exploring new cities is sampling the restaurants and deciding what I like the most. In Phnom Penh, our fav little cafe is Artillery Arts Cafe. 553 more words


Repost: The idea of a '5', or that extra element

Stairway to heaven. In the larger version it’s clear the solitary figure is elderly; we’ve got the manmade foreground/environment to emerge from, and the metaphorical representation of utopia in blue sky/perfect clouds… 1,847 more words