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Photoessay: Paradise Lost, part III

Today’s images are I think a little darker and sadder than the previous two (part I, part II) – but not quite over the edge into full-blown depression. 229 more words


on how to use the camera

“I only use a camera like a use a toothbrush. It does the job.”

Don McCullin

On Photography

Photoessay: Paradise Lost, part II

I’ve been continuing to work on the Paradise Lost project for some time now; at some point I will have to curate a consistent body of work to a theme and declare the thing ‘finished’, but in the meantime I’m still experimenting with the presentation. 368 more words


Photoessay: Forests of the Nilgiris

Today’s post is a little sampling of the forests in the Nilgiri mountains in India – with quite a range of altitude, you get a wide range of flora from tropical to almost alpine and trees clinging to sides of steep escarpments, in places transitioning into tea plantations – complete with tigers, elephants and other wildlife to match (which also rendered large areas off limits – both for reasons of wildlife and human-life preservation). 222 more words


Photoessay: Non Sequitur

And for something a little different today: the images do not follow in any particular sequence, nor do the contents of the images themselves make a story that makes any kind of immediate sense – this is of course deliberate. 170 more words


on 'decisive' moments

 “…a mysterious intersection of chance and attention that goes well beyond the existential surrealism of the ‘decisive moment’.”

Lee Friedlander

On Photography

On vision and postprocessing

Before and after – starting point of RAW file in color (right), final presentation mono (left). Is that ‘photoshopped’? To most audiences, it probably is; but it’s no different to using black and white film, processing with a certain chemistry and doing a little dodging and burning of the print. 1,006 more words