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"And wife": The history of passports for American women

This post started with what was supposed to be simple question: Who was the first American woman to get a passport? It ended up a loaded one, because passports are nothing more than paper nightmares laced with poisonous cultural politics.   1,217 more words


In 450 Words: 70+ days under President Duterte

For the past six years, I’ve mostly opposed the prior disposition – especially when it comes to its policies and plans that were either not implemented (Laguna Lakeshore project, for example) or were poorly implemented. 420 more words

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On the campaign trail...on accident

I pride myself on several things, humor, hard work, talent, beauty, style…the list could just go on. The one thing I don’t talk a whole lot about is my education; I mean I say, hey I went to Loyola, or I studied in Rome, but I don’t often get political, or bust into the literal he said, she said of it all. 1,050 more words

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Saturday morning quotes 6.16: Music & Art

A primary source of information that informs our modern-day interpretations of music from the 16th century is visual art; representations of musicians depicted performing for one another, before an audience, or in private, whether in real or fanciful situations. 633 more words

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Thinking About November 8th, 2016

Things will probably come our alright, but sometimes it takes strong nerves just to watch.    —  Hedley Donovan . On This Day In: 2015 Lonely Teardrops… 13 more words

On the Leadership Election of the New Frontier Party

The resignation of the New Frontier Party’s leadership after the embarrassing Congressional Election defeat, the similar resignation of the People’s Party’s leadership at the wake of its election funding scandal, and the Together Democratic Party’s promise to end its emergency leadership structure means that all three main parties in South Korea will go through internal power struggles, while the Presidential election is only a little over a year away. 716 more words

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Saturday morning quotes 6.11: Judgement

As much as one would like to remain immersed in music and literature of the past and ignore the news of the moment, the world is literally being bombarded with hyperbole about the historic occasion of a rather mature woman dressed in white being nominated for president of the US. 1,003 more words

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