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Mark D. Jones - Video Blog #74 - On Politics

Mark D. Jones – Video Blog #74 – On Politics ~ Mark discusses a number of points concerning the nature of politics for the benefit of all citizens and the country. ☼ :)

Mark D. Jones

Saturday morning quotes 5.20: Dowland and Context

Our weekly posts are unapologetically focused on vocal music of the 16th century and the lute as it was regarded in its golden age; an emblem for all that was civilized and sophisticated, refined and nuanced.  1,272 more words

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The Melian Dialogue

The debate is artfully constructed. The Melians admit that their weakness leads them to search for whatever arguments may fend off the Athenians, but they stick tightly to the two most relevant points.

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Notes On History

Democracy and Aggression

Today we think a government is not “democratic” if it violates human rights. Contemplating the unabashed wickedness of the Athenian treatment of Melos should give us pause; Athens was unequivocally democratic and frequently wicked.

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The Rise of Radical Athenian Democracy

Political writers for two thousand years and more saw in this history an object lesson in, variously, the dangers of hubris—overweening self-confidence—the folly of allowing the lower classes to dominate politics, the corrupting effects of power, and much else.

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Athenian Democracy

Cleisthenes’s creation was unlike a modern democracy not only in being a direct not a representative democracy. It was not a liberal democracy; there were no constitutional restrictions on what the Assembly could do, no boundaries between public and private life it could not transgress.

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