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On International Tolerance

“But instead of democracy,” I was saying, “what they got is just more oppression.”

“Or perhaps they just got too much democracy,” Mr Magundi responded. “We have a strange notion that democracy and tolerance go together. 305 more words

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Gerry + Salamander

The word gerrymander was etched onto the pages of the Oxford English Dictionary in 1848. It is defined as “the manipulation of the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class.” The term was used for the first time in 1812 as an angry reaction to the redrawing of Massachusetts state senate districts under Governor Elbridge Gerry. 714 more words

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A Lesson in Civic Engagement - South Ozone Park’s Efforts to Stop the Juvenile Detention Center

As I was riding the A train home from work last Thursday, a rambunctious Italian-American man donning a Mets jacket entered with a manila envelope in his hand. 979 more words

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Redefining Republican - Council Member Eric Ulrich

“I’d like to think that by being in office I can make a difference and help my constituents in the way that they need me to be there for them. 816 more words

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Turning a New Leaf Without Cutting the Roots

A lone woman swayed to the beat of the welcoming tassa drums as picketers on the sidewalk displayed signs reading “AFC=PNC PPP=Freedom” and “Granger Has Blood on His Hands” in front of Naresa Palace in South Ozone Park, Queens. 775 more words

On Politics

Saturday morning quotes 5.4: Music matters

Being front-line witnesses to the epic tragedy of the crumbling of civilization as we knew it, we examine the problem from our unique perspective as specialists in the repertory and context of music for voice and lute from the 16th century.  719 more words

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