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Donald Trump -- A True Vulcan

“In an insane world, it is the sane man who must appear insane.”

— Commander Spock,  USS Enterprise NCC-1701

“Is It Time to Call Trump Mentally Ill?”  … 396 more words

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The Next Hitler

The reason why we are doomed to have another Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, or just a murderous despotic ruler in the west, is not our inability to learn from history. 276 more words

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My One Political Post - It's Ugly

There’s a lot of Ugly out in the world these days, and it only takes a second’s glance at the social media engine of your choice to be reminded how quickly hatred can become contagious. 144 more words

On why we shouldn't "F**k Trump!".

“F**k you Donald Trump! F**k you Donald Trump!”

Now not for one moment do I support or endorse any of Trump’s policies and ideals (if they can be so called) 

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A Plan For Organizing Against The Cheeto-in-Chief

It has only been 9 days since Donald’s inauguration but already he has done significant damage to our country. Most of us saw this coming, but some of you (the ‘give him a chance’ people) are just now realizing the real-life implications of electing this person to office. 471 more words

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We talk a lot about sides these days. In some places we talk about double standards. If everything is up for a discussion or a sign right now, I’d like to add something to the list. 792 more words

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Democracy vs. Liberty

With the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the talking hairdos and empty suits in the main stream media’s punditry class broke into a sweat with a collective case of the vapors. 208 more words

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