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"The Silencing of Dorothy Thompson"

Kicking off the blog with a shout-out to a relevant Kickstarter campaign.

Here’s the gist: Some folks are trying to raise cash to make a documentary about Dorothy Thompson, an American journalist who was one of the leading media voices against the rise of the Nazis. 141 more words

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Today's Supreme Court

Many today say we have a 4-4 Court. Only those who are on the left say this. They also say we used to have a 5-4 Court. 171 more words

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Our country has for a long time being driven under democracy yet since independence only one referendum has been held. This year Zambia will create history as we will vote for a referendum on 11th of August 2016 alongside the General Elections. 825 more words

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Red, Fight, and Blue

Today, petty political polarization renders the legislative arm of our government incapable of finding solutions to acute policy issues facing our nation. 619 more words

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Change In Warp Speed: On Acceptance and Civil Liberties In Our Time

It is 1972 in America: “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face”, by Roberta Flack, tops the Billboard chart, The Godfather is released in cinemas, the Watergate scandal rocks the nation, the immaculate reception gives the Pittsburgh Steelers their first ever playoff win, and homosexuality can be found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of the American Psychiatric Association as a mental illness. 1,398 more words

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Brexit: Burning our bridges

It’s hard to know where to start on today’s result. Like many, I’m still feeling regular waves of shock, horror and nausea when I think about what we’ve declared as a nation, and what impact it could have on our future and others’. 1,983 more words

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We Are Not Helpless: Why a Multi-Faceted Approach is the Best Way Foward

Since Sunday, my Facebook feed (and my wall, for that matter) has been filled almost completely by articles and op-eds supporting and opposing new gun controls.   833 more words

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