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In support of multi-cultural Britain, 2010-2015

Digging through old shoe boxes of hoarded tickets, birthday cards and travel memorabilia this weekend, I found my Editor’s Note for a special mini-issue of the uni student journal. 551 more words

On Politics

The Governing Conundrum

There’s an old allegory about a man who decides he needs no government; that whatever good might lie within the bureaucratic structure has been overcome by bloating, corruption, and waste.   874 more words

On Politics

On Tony Abbot

What makes me sad is how terribly earnest Tony Abbot is. I get the impression that he is doing what he genuinely believes to be right and all the while reality keeps exploding in his face. 126 more words


Don't Look Back in Anger

Don’t look back in anger.  Try not to look back with regret.  Don’t romanticize the past.

The Oasis song only includes the first line, and for good reason.   834 more words

On Politics

Knock 'em Down Politics: Women's Rights and Homeland Security

When did things get so messy?  When did radicalism engulf our politics?  

The answer is probably around 2009, although I hoped it would subside with an improving economy.   539 more words

On Politics