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Human Rights v. Human Obligations

Hace you ever considered the notion of “human obligations” as a corollary to the term human rights? Not to suggest one is dependent upon the other by I cannot help but wonder how things may be different if certain human obligations were dealt with in the same manner as human rights have historically been addressed. 1,553 more words


Check Your Perspective...

Thought Experiment… Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Think From Another’s Perspective:

A worthwhile Thought Experiment is to challenge yourself to view an issue from another perspective. 1,025 more words


Aristotle – The Four Ideas

Aristotle was born in 384 BC in Stagira, Greece where his father was the Royal Doctor. His death at 28 was in 322 BC, at  3,039 more words


On the South Korean Congressional Election

I was wrong.

I know when to admit when I am wrong. This is one of those times. You remember that time when I said the left-wing is not going to stand a chance against the right? 1,119 more words

On Politics

sprawa polska

Z bólem serca patrzę, czytam i słucham co się dzieje z Polską.

Polityka nie jest łatwym tematem, ale trudno nie mówić nic, przekreśl to, nie wolno milczeć, gdy nie tylko zaczynasz się wstydzić za własną ojczyznę, ale faktycznie boisz się o jej przyszłość. 413 more words


Trump and the Tea Party: Why I Stopped Voting for Republicans

I am of a dying breed.  At least, that’s what one of my professors at Knox College used to tell me.  He called me “The Last of the Rockefeller Republicans.”  And the rise of Donald Trump has proven that, if there indeed was a space in the Grand Old Party for me, this ideology has disappeared. 624 more words

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