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Putin's Strategy: Elementary My Dear Watson

Doctor Watson picked at the last bit of fish and chips stuck in his incisors. He straightened his afternoon edition of The Sun and sighed. 774 more words

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This Election Doesn't Matter

There’s a philosophy in improv comedy, I’m sure it stretches to sketch comedy and acting as well, that you play your character to their highest intelligence. 974 more words


Aquinas Deplorable

In the 1930’s, my uncle, Father Michael Nardone, was among a small group of priests newly arrived from Italy establishing a seminary in Maryland. One night, the Klu Klux Klan came looking for them and set fire to a cross on the seminary lawn.  628 more words

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The Apprentice


I watched their two-hour show on who these candidates are, since the broadcast media mostly has such difficulty in an even-handed presentation of the two candidates for the Office of the President of the United States. 1,822 more words

On Politics

Fired up about this presidential election? You should really wear one of these pretty little vintage stick pins.  I make them with all sorts of phrases on them, but this week I’m giving away two, that say “Vote” or “Voter.” To enter the giveaway, just go over to… 406 more words

On Herself


I think that capitalism has been better for social mobility and economic growth than any other manmade system in the history of the world. I believe that the pie of wealth and opportunity can get bigger, that it’s better to incentivize people to produce more than to take from one slice and reallocate to another. 919 more words

On Politics

"And wife": The history of passports for American women

This post started with what was supposed to be simple question: Who was the first American woman to get a passport? It ended up a loaded one, because passports are nothing more than paper nightmares laced with poisonous cultural politics.   1,217 more words