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Saturday morning quotes 5.14: Musical education

The warm season grinds to an unsatisfying close as, for many, murmurs of matriculation begin to crowd out any thoughts of summer idyls. We honor the current “back to school” theme by sidling back to our series of quotations on musical education. 738 more words

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Why Mass Media is the Problem and Why the Growth of Independent Mediums are Necessary

How have you gotten most of your information regarding the world and its current events?

Since time immemorial, most of us have grown up watching ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC etc… your favorite pick of the litter. 1,045 more words


What Modern So-Called "Conservatives" Don't Understand About the People They Call "Liberal"

In the past week, I’ve encountered a few situations in which a self-proclaimed conservative claims to know what “liberals” believe.  In this attempt to box those all of those who support at least some liberal causes into one cleanly defined model of a left-wing voter, I’ve noticed a trend.   564 more words

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Confederate Logic and the Preservation of History

Yesterday, when Governor Nikki Haley (R) signed a bill ordering the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the grounds of the state capital, she described it as a “great day for South Carolina.”  I disagree.   409 more words

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On International Tolerance

“But instead of democracy,” I was saying, “what they got is just more oppression.”

“Or perhaps they just got too much democracy,” Mr Magundi responded. “We have a strange notion that democracy and tolerance go together. 305 more words

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