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Genocide in Syria and the Culpability of Liberal Isolationism

Nine years ago, I wrote an op-ed about American diplomacy and international relations that was published in my college’s newspaper, The Knox Student. In this piece, I pleaded with my classmates – in vain, I might add – not to vote for Barack Obama. 913 more words

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Here’s why the new Brie Larson movie about Victoria Woodhull is not awesome

Last week, news spread that Amazon Studios is set to produce a biopic starring Brie Larson as Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to officially run for U.S. 788 more words

Women's History

Donald Trump, as we all know, has business ties all over the world. This includes the Former Soviet Union, like Azerbaijan for example. It is well-known that Vladimir Putin is aggressively trying to recreate the sphere of influence the former Soviet Union used to have an iron grip on during the Cold War. 976 more words


Donald Trump -- A True Vulcan

“In an insane world, it is the sane man who must appear insane.”

— Commander Spock,  USS Enterprise NCC-1701

“Is It Time to Call Trump Mentally Ill?”  … 396 more words

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The Next Hitler

The reason why we are doomed to have another Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, or just a murderous despotic ruler in the west, is not our inability to learn from history. 276 more words

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My One Political Post - It's Ugly

There’s a lot of Ugly out in the world these days, and it only takes a second’s glance at the social media engine of your choice to be reminded how quickly hatred can become contagious. 144 more words