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To GPS Or Not To GPS? That My Fellow Runners Is The Question

There is an odd displacement to running without a GPS. There is nothing to accurately gauge my distance, to gauge my pace, and to tell me how I am faring. 265 more words

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To Better Days Ahead!

Though it still remains direly cold, there are glimpses of hope on the horizon.

As I near the 15 kilometre mark I note that the skies have evolved swiftly into a powdery blue where once they remained steadfastly dark. 200 more words

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Tomorrow Is Another Day

Readying myself for battle I donned my armour. A full arsenal of running apparel, including shirts, jackets, hats, gloves, and long underwear — each in multiple quantities. 315 more words

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Enemy Territory

Darkness has settled in. A cold wind howls, growing in strength with each passing hour. By morning the wind will reach over 60 km/h and with its relentless crescendo, the temperatures will plunge the suburban enclave into an ice age. 194 more words

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Why do runners love each other so much?

I am home now. Snuggled on to my couch while a Valentine’s edition of City Line plays on TV. It was -30C this morning and after running a half marathon my toque literally froze to my head! 92 more words

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Be Relentless

This video was screened and well recieved at the Gateway Film Festival This Weekend.


runrodrun reblogged this on My Life As an Ultra Marathon Runner and commented:

This also applies to "February You". This is why I run outside. In snowstorms. When it's -30C. Why I will not give up. Why I'll be out there again tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. So that come race season I will be that much better. Be inspired! If you like the vid, please please go to the original poster -- Running Shorts -- and "like" the vid there. Let's make sure credit goes where credit is due :)

Winter Running, Impressions On The Subject Of...

Like a tenacious boxer I stagger back to my corner, exhausted and weary. Voices surround me telling me to hang in there, that I’m fighting hard and my opponent knows it. 147 more words

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