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Meds & Taper Crazies II

Like any good, well-prepared, crazy hypochondriac runner 12 days before a big race, I have bought a course of prophylactic cold medication to be started early next week or at the very first sign of any would-be impending contagion.

Whichever comes first.

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Do They Prescribe Drugs For Taper-Induced Madness?

There are times in every relationship when you love someone BECAUSE of who they are. And there are times when you love someone DESPITE of who they are.

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Reflections On The Way To The Finish Line

I remembered the track at Winston Churchill. Its 800 metre perimeter at points gravel, at points concrete, and at points dirt. Its entire length is narrow in bredth. 382 more words

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It's That Time Again

The sun has yet to rise as I set out on my training run. Dressed in layers to face the morning coolness, my mind flashes forward to the upcoming autumn months. 251 more words

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On Being The Chase Bunny At Tempo Thursday's

For “B”. An amazing runner who stars as the huntress in my story. She, like all my friends in my running group, always manages to bring out the best in me. 259 more words

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