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Public Health Issue

What if we treated air pollution from burning (wood, coal, coffee, garbage) as a public health issue? 15 more words

On Schools & Children

Air Pollution's New Harm: Autism

UPDATE 12/17/2013: This post has been updated with two more studies, making a total of four pioneering studies on the association between autism and prenatal air pollution exposure. 515 more words

On Schools & Children

Denied: Planning Commission Rejects Citizen Appeal of Elbasan Acres

Tonight’s hearing outcome: Planning Commissioners voted 5 to 2 to deny the appeal of the Borough land management proposal called Elbasan Acres.

What does this mean? 340 more words

On Schools & Children

News-Miner Article on Elbasan Acres Appeal Inaccurate, Incomplete

Don’t rely on the front page article on the Elbasan Acres appeal of a major borough subdivision and school site. The Elbasan Acres appeal will be decided by the Planning Commission tonight. 694 more words

On Schools & Children

North Pole Resident Suggests Borough "Keep Looking" for Safer School Site

Letter to the Editor by Cheryl Beckley, North Pole, Subdivision issues 4/26/2013 FDNM

As I sat in on the borough Planning Commission’s meeting about the proposed residential neighborhood and elementary school in North Pole on Repp and Brock roads, I was left wondering. 317 more words

On Schools & Children

Planning Commission to Decide North Pole School in Smoke Tomorrow

The Planning Commission will vote to decide the Elbasan Acres appeal tomorrow evening at 7 pm, see Agenda.

Elbasan Acres is a Borough proposal to build a major subdivision and elementary school in an area with one of the highest concentrations of fine particulate pollution in the nation. 1,160 more words

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Who's Smoking out The Watershed School?

WHO and WHAT has been smoking out The Watershed School?

Concentrations on March 5 were higher at the Dale Road area charter school than at… 259 more words

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