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Faith in the Voting Booth, Part Nine

Chapter Eight: What To Do About Poverty (part 1)

“Poverty isn’t really about money. Poverty just in dollars ignores health, housing, child mortality, sanitation, inequality, and being treated with dignity and respect.” page 70…

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Galen Carey

Book Club

Book Club makes me happy. Hubby teases me by calling it wine club, but really? It’s about women from various walks of life getting together and talking about ideas outside of the day-to-day. 59 more words

Bahama Mama

Transcending the Gothic Canon

Gothic literature and I are pretty tight. What’s not to love? Isolated, looming mansions; floating, mysterious figures; sinister secrets. It speaks to the psychological thriller loving, mystery aficionado in me. 1,133 more words

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Brother, who art thou?: "Lullaby" by Bernard Beckett

Lullaby is a finalist for the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adult Fiction. And it’s easy to see why. It opens with Theo, sitting in a hospital room with a therapist. 613 more words

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Rage as Absolution in "The Book of Phoenix"

*Note: this post contains major spoilers.

The Book of Phoenix follows the story of Phoenix – an accelerated “specimen”, created from the experiments of the secretive Tower Seven. 612 more words

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Almost Everything, Everything Was On Point

Maddy is sick. Really sick. Like can’t-leave-the-house-or-her-body-will-shut-down kind of sick. As far as she can remember of her eighteen years, she has been confined to her home with her mother and her nurse, Carla, for company. 401 more words

On The Bookshelf

On The Bookshelf

BIRDING WITH YEATS :   This is what I am reading right now.  Well, technically, I just finished it.   It is a memoir of a bookseller from Toronto who connects with her teenaged son, Yeats, by sharing birding experiences with him.  352 more words