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The Race

It started as more of a heavy mist than a rain. But there was no mistaking the wind. It came in gusts, battering at our resolve before we had even begun. 1,127 more words

...to Boston

I still remember. It was 2010. With every footfall up Hereford Street, my quads protested. But then I made one of running’s most famous left turns. 743 more words

On the Bus by Blair Gaulton

On the Bus
On the bus;
watching the clouds;
as the city gets more awake ‘n’ loud.
BJG(Blair Gaulton)March 2018


The Wind

It was only supposed to be 10 miles, and easy at that. The wind roared. I could feel our house brace against it, hear the trees bend to it. 680 more words

Step Down

* Step Down * 2/28/18 * Alexandria, VA * iPhone 6S Plus – iOS 10.3.3  11 more words


The Relay

I played the scales along my fingers, nervous taps against my thumb from index to pinky and back again. That pre-race energy started to sizzle my nerves despite my best efforts to tamp it down. 853 more words

The First

“Do you want to do this again in the fall?” I remember asking myself. I was closing in on the 20-mile marker of the 2009 Vermont City Marathon. 631 more words