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Here's to 80 more years!

Sue and friend shaking a tailfeather before the show!

Not our “Kim & Gary”

Our annual ACT birthday celebration tour always serves as a reminder to me of the value of travel. 123 more words


What Was He Talking About? Unlocking the 7 Secrets This Man Whispered to You on the Bus

(Mining Colony 612, CA) It was 7:30 on a Monday morning and you were waiting for the bus. It was late this morning. Or, since it was late every morning, maybe it was on time? 522 more words

That time I put a box on my body and got run over by a car

I was always referred to as a “bright child.” I was an early reader. I even occasionally think of the right thing to say at the best possible time to say it, though admittedly, that is rare. 736 more words


Hygge - Bus Style

We had a pot-belly stove in the living room, its chimney reaching up through a cutout in the roof of the bus, secured by copper sheet metal in the shape of a star against the ceiling. 1,049 more words


School at Home

The fact that we were living in a school bus while homeschooling was a source of amusement for us, as though we stepped onto the bus one day to head off to school and forgot to get off, like, ever. 1,140 more words


Candy Day

A little context to start: My parents were pretty health conscious when I was growing up. Most of the time we were vegetarians, and then every so often my parents would worry that we weren’t getting enough iron and protein and we would have chicken liver, breaded and fried, and the smell would seep out of the bus and warn us wherever we were playing outside that dinner would not be good tonight. 1,003 more words


The Black Widow

A recurring theme of my youth has to do with spiders – black widows in particular. I had grown up on Charlotte’s Web, but real spiders were less friendly and not so sesquipedalian by nature. 1,099 more words