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The Pit

It’s Thursday night, somewhere around 9:00. I jerk awake when my Kindle thumps against my chest. The words on the screen have long since blurred together, and, in fact, the device has shut itself off. 985 more words

Boston Marathon

Off to Halong Bay

Bye bye wifi for a couple days….we’ll be on a junk in Halong Bay

On the bus...

2:35. That’s the number in my head. Not long ago, it was 2:40. It used to be 2:50 and 3-flat, and 3:10, and even 4-flat at one point. 686 more words

Boston Marathon

Night Driving

There was a warm spot in the back of the bus that Chris, Jessie, and I used to take turns lying down on. The engine was in the way, way back, under my parents’ bed, and the floor under and around it would get warm when we drove and would vibrate pleasantly. 979 more words



I remember every birthday I had in the bus. I remember my mom baking cakes for us in our plug-in dutch oven, or else driving to my grandparents’ house in Baltimore and baking something there, or at a neighbors’. 946 more words


It gets dark so early now – she whispered. A streetlight had just been lit. The man behind her was thinking – you could tell – back at the time when they used candles to light streetlights and it was all amber-yellow. 124 more words