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Signs of life.

A few times a week, I ride one of the infamous tech buses to get to and from work. People are generally quiet and polite to one another. 162 more words

Opposite Day


They became part of our everyday language…descriptions like ‘the Right Stuff’ and ‘Masters of the Universe’.

Tom Wolfe is being remembered and rediscovered today.

While you are hunting out your old copy of “Bonfire of The Vanities’, or ‘A Man in Full’, or checking out the ’83 film of ‘The Right Stuff’- 3 quotes from his work that seem for me to sting, wasp-like, with relevance every day. 355 more words


The Race

It started as more of a heavy mist than a rain. But there was no mistaking the wind. It came in gusts, battering at our resolve before we had even begun. 1,127 more words

...to Boston

I still remember. It was 2010. With every footfall up Hereford Street, my quads protested. But then I made one of running’s most famous left turns. 743 more words

On the Bus by Blair Gaulton

On the Bus
On the bus;
watching the clouds;
as the city gets more awake ‘n’ loud.
BJG(Blair Gaulton)March 2018


The Wind

It was only supposed to be 10 miles, and easy at that. The wind roared. I could feel our house brace against it, hear the trees bend to it. 680 more words

Step Down

* Step Down * 2/28/18 * Alexandria, VA * iPhone 6S Plus – iOS 10.3.3  11 more words