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Hidden for all to see

Thoughts and desire
Forever hidden from the light of day
Forgiveness is for what I pray
My life, My Love is set upon the fire… 125 more words


Monkey on the Inside

If you were

A set of nesting dolls.

Who would be

Inside of thee.

Lover, liar, tyrant

Poet or maybe

A crazy fun-loving


- 56 more words


Humanity Redefined?!

Of all the planets in space,
life chose to thrive on Earth!
Soon, souls chose bodies and took birth..
then, they reproduced to continue their race! 219 more words

On The Inside!

Slip into something...

On the Inside is a local lingerie designer specializing in exquisite lace and sustainable fabrics.  Many who have visited our shop have fallen in love with her luxurious designs. 333 more words

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