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Ferry tale

*le me, in the midst of a sound sleep
*Knock, Knock..!
*Opens door

“Dude, what’s wrong with you? Lost track of time, eh? We are late already, and look at you… you look like a drunk swine.” 1,209 more words

On The Inside!

Clouds and Linings

Hey there!
Firstly, it would be a blatant arrogance if I don’t thank you all today. WordPress, as I’ve come to know, makes an annual report of the blog at the end of every year. 578 more words

On The Inside!
“On the inside we are all the same”

How To Kill A Cold Before It Kills You

Yuck. It’s “everyone at work cough their germs all over the place” season again. I pride myself on never being sick, but working in an office with 100+ other people and sharing a desk with a messy man (I miss you, Kim) make it hard for me to keep it together. 321 more words


After Myriad Nights!

Quite a push for an amateur like me, this one. This poem has been recently published in a magazine called ‘UnBound’ which released on the auspicious Independence day. 213 more words

On The Inside!

Of pens and perks!

Hey all!
I know I’m back on the blog after a really long hiatus. I’m afraid I can’t promise I’ll be more frequent from now on, either. 850 more words

On The Inside!

Sunday Pampering Essentials

After a stressful week, I always need one day to tap out and do productive nothings on a Sunday. The art of being productive but doing nothing is basically becoming a professional at relaxing. 403 more words