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Eagles Soar

The are at least five eagles nests around the lake that you can really only see early in the year before the leaves fill in.  Nothing more enjoyable than watching the eagles protect and care for their young.

On The Lake

Reed About the Worst Man in Golf

The Masters, the premiere event on the PGA Tour. People flock from all across the globe to visit Augusta, Georgia, even if it’s just for one day. 564 more words

3 Up 3 Down: Game 5

Drew Thirion

That sucked. I don’t know if the Indians forgot what day we play on… but man that was bad. Game 4 didn’t have much to complain about, but game 5 was just something else. 321 more words

3 Up 3 Down: Game 1

Drew Thirion

Ahhhh baseball season is back, but the Tribe offense didn’t catch the memo. I’ll be going over three positives and three negatives of the previous Indians game; however, today will be harder to find three positives! 373 more words

2018 NFL Mock Draft

Joe Draime, Drew Thirion

1.) Browns: Sam Darnold (QB)-Southern California

Image: (NY Daily News)

2.) Bills (VIA Trade): Josh Rosen (QB)-California Los Angeles

3.) Jets: Josh Allen (QB)-Wyoming… 203 more words


Joe Draime

Let me start by saying, Saquon Barkley is an explosive talent. That is an undeniable truth. BUT, the Browns should avoid him at number one at all costs. 306 more words

Don't Sleep on Them

Drew Thirion

March Madness has finally arrived, and people across the country have started to fill out their brackets and everyone has their own strategy. Whether you flip a coin, pick the best mascot, or follow the analysts’ picks, you’re still going need some help. 582 more words