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Micro Lads are on the loose....

Hello Momu Readers,

The Micro Lads have been at it again – they have been running amok in the shop with the girl.

Can you spot them? 9 more words


To climb a...saddle?

My son continues to impress me each & every day, but last Monday was even more so as I saw him through other people’s eyes. I didn’t want to deal with the crowds camping over the holiday weekend, but I had an itch for a view. 739 more words


Sore, sweaty, tired

I know I’ve shouted my thanks on Facebook already, but a huge thanks has to be repeated for everything that went into getting me & almost 200 other riders on beautiful, expertly marked trails on Mt Adams last weekend! 471 more words


To climb a mountain

I know there are a ton of things on my mind, what with house hunting (and the first of what my grandmother has informed me will probably be about 10 happy couple fights re said house search), the money pressures, Kade’s time in kindergarten looming, job hunting, the massive project at my current job, losing weight/getting fitter (20 pounds down and oh the awesomeness!) plus all the other assorted life debris, like my complete inability to transfer clean laundry from baskets to closets…(in my defense, the internet was down last night and it’s a proven fact that putting laundry away without a TV show is just unusual punishment). 381 more words


Move the feet

I wanted to write up the rambling, curse filled guide to hiking Mt. Pisgah in Eugene (gods, even the name is awesome!) but now I’m home with the kiddo in the bath, the boyfriend packing for his Las Vegas trip, work tomorrow & a brain that is equally parts sugar happy (iHop is a delicious evil place) & hike tired (4.5 mile hike straight up & straight down). 154 more words


Police: Would-Be Macy's Thief Pepper Sprayed, Bit Worker So Accomplice Could Get Away

Sure, Consumerist has covered many a story of a thief who tries to get away from store employees by biting into arms and occasionally chomping off the odd finger. 244 more words

Emergency Alert: Armed Domestic Terrorists on the Loose - YouTube

Verify Events Research

I dedicate this video to those who have been quick to buy the engineered hate for Muslims and to those Christians who cheered up George Bush’s hate and lies about Iraq’s WMDs and their ties to terrorists. 9 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies