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Sometimes when I’m taking class and the teacher says, “fuck” I think to myself… YES. A well placed “fuck” can really get people moving – frog jumps, handstand kicks, you name it. 197 more words

Ego-Edging God Out.

Wayne Dyer used EGO as an acronym for :   Edging God Out.

When I first began my yoga practice I’d hear my teacher speak about ego and not letting it get in the way of “growing or becoming”.  221 more words

Life Coach


Yoga can be a rather solitary practice, both as a student and as a teacher. We all practice for different reasons and in different ways, and for more or less time throughout our lives. 163 more words

Off The Mat

Functional Strength/Core

After my week off in San Antonio last week, I’m back at ‘er this week and that includes a return to my basement functional strength and core mat routine all set to some hip vinyl, in my underwear because, hey, why not.  552 more words


Functional Strength/Core

It’s New Years and tomorrow begins the official “Quest for Ironman” in 2016 (click HERE) beginning with a long 21.1k run.  But before all that madness begins tomorrow, it’ll inevitably be my “last meal” of Chinese take out tonight, along with a few wobbly pops and a couple rounds of ‘Cards Against Humanity’  with friends because, hey, every condemned man deserves one more crack at life as he knows it, right?  487 more words


Functional Strength/Core

The original plan was to slip in this quickie mat session at the gym following my morning spin but I didn’t like the was the multi-colored granny was learing at me so I decided to pack ‘er in and head home.  525 more words

Da Blues

Down in the trenches 

yesterday I described the state I was in as “down in the trenches”, mostly because the toddler was wild and the baby, well, let’s just say that teething is a bitch! 187 more words

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