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Intellectual arrogance - Belittling with "I feel sorry for you"

I listen to about 8 different podcasts to get various perspectives, ideas and learn new things. I’m behind in my podcast queue at the moment and I try to squeeze 10-15 minutes in everywhere I can. 556 more words


Fake news isn't the real problem

I don’t pretend to be any kind of expert about the “fake news/false news” controversy and whether it helped get Donald Trump elected. Some of the post-election stories analyzing/blaming Facebook or Google, or this one (below) describing this complicated Twitter bot scheme all overlook one fundamental issue. 741 more words

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Bob Dylan at 75: Like a Rolling Gall Stone

Once upon a time, you dress so fine.

You wrote the songs that rhyme in your prime.

Didn’t you? 174 more words

Making Sense

Bob Garfield and Brooke Gladstone of WNYC’s On the Media

It’s not just journalists and it’s not just Clinton supporters. There is strong evidence that even Donald Trump himself… 213 more words


Level Up PBL with Peer Review

Recently, Cathy O’Neil shared a guest post on her blog www.mathbabe.org that responded to the recent study on race and police shootings. In the post, the Head of Data Science at Zocdoc and Adjunct Professor with NYU’s Center for Data Science, Brian D’Alessandro tears apart… 1,511 more words


Media Integrity Failure: A Mini-Rant

Journalists reporting unconfirmed information in an undignified and irresponsible rush to be the first to break a story, a practice that seems to have become increasingly common as eyes and ears have moved online and the 24-hour news cycle has became the standard, is bad enough. 422 more words

Journalistic Integrity