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For your Presidents Day Drive: Recommended Podcasts

Many of us have Presidents Day off. A good time to ski, sled, or BBQ (as it’s been about 65 degrees in the mid-Atlantic). Many of us will be driving home from a weekend get-away so here’s some recommended listening. 645 more words

Action Of The Day

Donald Trump -- A True Vulcan

“In an insane world, it is the sane man who must appear insane.”

— Commander Spock,  USS Enterprise NCC-1701

“Is It Time to Call Trump Mentally Ill?”  … 396 more words

On Politics

Upward Mobility

In just about every election the voters hear stories about the American Dream.  A candidate will go into detail about how they went from rags to riches or lifted themselves up by their own bootstrap.  666 more words

On The Media

David S. Meyer's voice, just in case you're interested

Although a massive demand for my voice online has not yet crossed my desk, here are links to two recent recorded conversations. I was fortunate to draw two very good interviewers, and the topics will be familiar. 50 more words

Democracy vs. Liberty

With the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the talking hairdos and empty suits in the main stream media’s punditry class broke into a sweat with a collective case of the vapors. 208 more words

On Politics

Our Lot in Life

I’ve recently been listening to a podcast called On the Media which released a series on poverty. While I’ve had the good fortune to never experience extreme poverty myself, I have seen poverty in many forms. 302 more words


The Need for Storytellers

One reason for everyone to be more digitally literate is to be able to use media for storytelling. On Friday, I saw Hidden Figures and wept. 95 more words

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