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Level Up PBL with Peer Review

Recently, Cathy O’Neil shared a guest post on her blog www.mathbabe.org that responded to the recent study on race and police shootings. In the post, the Head of Data Science at Zocdoc and Adjunct Professor with NYU’s Center for Data Science, Brian D’Alessandro tears apart… 1,511 more words


Media Integrity Failure: A Mini-Rant

Journalists reporting unconfirmed information in an undignified and irresponsible rush to be the first to break a story, a practice that seems to have become increasingly common as eyes and ears have moved online and the 24-hour news cycle has became the standard, is bad enough. 422 more words

Journalistic Integrity

Know your history, know your media literacy

Historians will often point out that societies reap what they sow.

When one contemplates the look and feel of the ubiquitous connection most of our young people have to visual communications — social media platforms and streaming Interweb rants, pratfalls, and snarky yucks —  it appears that the ascendancy of the apparent Republican party nominee to President of the United States seems far less of a surprise or anomaly. 64 more words

Media Literacy



WNYC’s On the Media is a great show. One of the things that makes it so is its peerless audio editing. A story from one of its (since deceased) staff members spoke to this aspect: how surprised he was, upon experiencing the process, that Bob Garfield did not in fact always have precisely the word right to hand, but sometimes went searching for it, like the rest of us, behind the wandering torch of a prolonged  1,545 more words

Resource File #2: On the Media: In the Shadows


This “On the Media” podcast started out rather boring to me.  It started with a good portion of the podcast discussing politics, namely election scheming.  491 more words

Mass Media And Society

Resource File #1: On the Media: That NPR Thing


This first “On the Media” podcast I have ever listened to began with discussing digital disruption.  They mostly deliberated over the current issue with NPR’s battle with podcasts and other competitors.  652 more words

Mass Media And Society