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Thank you Cynthia!

Our Forest was featured on the Polymer Clay Daily blog today.

Thank you Cynthia!

On The Media

So Many Issues. So Little Time

There are so many issues swirling around the political scene that it’s close to impossible to concentrate on any one issue. It even feels dangerous to do so. 768 more words

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Filibuster - Update!: On the Media

My “What’s a Filibuster?” post provided a short filibuster lesson, taken from the Civics 101 podcast. Senate Republicans have since eliminated the filibuster for Supreme Court nominations, a decision referred to as the “nuclear option.” 288 more words


When The Media Fails to Accept Responsibility

I’m usually the first person to boost NPR.  In this age of editorial slants, #fakenews and the like, it’s one of only a handful of resources I trust to be giving me the information I need to have: I didn’t hear of too many other broadcasters live airing James Comey testifying to the House Intelligence Committee. 565 more words


For your Presidents Day Drive: Recommended Podcasts

Many of us have Presidents Day off. A good time to ski, sled, or BBQ (as it’s been about 65 degrees in the mid-Atlantic). Many of us will be driving home from a weekend get-away so here’s some recommended listening. 645 more words

Action Of The Day

Donald Trump -- A True Vulcan

“In an insane world, it is the sane man who must appear insane.”

— Commander Spock,  USS Enterprise NCC-1701

“Is It Time to Call Trump Mentally Ill?”  … 396 more words

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