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Hey lady,

I was in a weird mental space today, feeling very stressed out and concerned about my life and just all around kind of sad, so when it was time to do the commute home, I opted for one of my favorite podcasts, On the Media. 365 more words


The Phantom Menace (of Liberal Media Bias)

It’s common knowledge that the mainstream media has a liberal bias. If anyone says anything contrary, they are labeled as a liberal apologist. FOX News is not biased; it is fair and balanced, and necessary to provide a counterpoint. 610 more words

At this moment...

One lesson I’ve taken from Rowling (and she’s not the only author to do this) is to write the ending of the series first. Well, actually, I already had the ending written. 374 more words


Podcast Segment on Nihilism


“Camus said that accepting the absurdity of everything around us is just one step. It should not become a dead end. It arouses a revolt that can become fruitful.”


The dangerous lie that George W. Bush lied about the Iraq weapons of mass destruction is asserted in the liberal media to this day. The source of my passion on this topic stems from an Op-Ed written by Laurence H.

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#Wadwha responds. By telling the interviewer to let him finish speaking.

Wadwha reponds

On The Twitter exchange between @justkelly_ok and Wadwha

Meredith Haggerty:

And who is Kelly Ellis?

Vivek Wadwha:

I don’t know. And this is a problem on social media, that you don’t know who people are … you don’t know if they are an alias or a real human being.

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