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Water water everywhere

Would you like ice and lemon with that?

With no soup option tonight, Mr Hicks has assumed the moniker of ‘The Hydrator’ single handedly providing dihydrogen monoxide for all

Trip Update

Boiling eggs in hot spring water

Please eggcuse the puns that follow. It’s no yolk writing this blog you know.

receiving instructions on boiling an egg. 10-12 minutes in a spring apparently… 32 more words

Trip Update

A growl surprise: On the menu: Stuffed shells

If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?

– Unknown

(Global healing center)

The whether  is breaking in and the wind is blowing hard.

1,014 more words

Mr Hicks' Soup Kitchen

Starters are being served by the one and only Mr Hicks, keeping that soup train moving!! He is a soupahero (courtesy of Mrs Ashdown) pictures and video will follow when a better connection is available!

Trip Update

On The Menu - 19th October 2016

Starter: Roman Bruschetta (Tomato, Mozzarella and Red Onion Bruschetta).
Main: Acapulco Chilli (Vegetable Chilli with Rice).
Dessert: Melbourne Upside-Down Cake (Apple Upside-Down Cake).

See more photos from our meal on the 19th October in our Facebook photo album…

Bath FoodCycle

On The Menu - 12th October 2016

Starter: French Onion Soup (with Camembert Toast).
Main: Venezuelan Vegetable Tortilla (with Roasted Potatoes, Salad and Roasted Tomatoes).
Dessert: British Apple Crumble.

See more photos from our meal on the 12th October on our Facebook page.

Bath FoodCycle