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real sharks for shark cartooning

I haven’t drawn the Pajama Shark in the last few days*, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about him, and Friendly Shark characters in general.  283 more words

Comics And Cartooning

Maybe This Is The "Jolt" I Needed.


My Hummingbirds have finally moved on, and the last of the migrating warblers are dwindling as the chill of Autumn envelopes the Ohio Valley with clear blue skies and frost on the grass. 986 more words


Fragments, Serena Caulfield, Wexford Festival

The latest work by artist Serena Caulfield at the Vine Restaurant, Main Street, Wexford, is bifurcated into studies of the classical and a revisiting of the natural. 382 more words

On The Road

Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas

Since Friday October 12th, I’ve traveled 828.9 miles plus 380.6 miles plus 781.1 miles away from home. When grand totaled, it comes to 1,990.6 miles. And one of the places you can find yourself when traversing that far from Missoula, Montana is Bull Shoals, Arkansas, population 1,950 – which equates to my having driven approximately one mile for every resident in this quaint and lovely little town, in order to get here. 840 more words


brown county

Where we are: Brown County State Park, Indiana

Where we’re going: Shelbyville, Kentucky

How we feel: Cold, but pretty stoked about it (we don’t get weather like this in Texas) 612 more words


Bits of Winter In The Fall

The seasons are a little off this year.  I went to Colorado expecting fall colors, but got mostly snow.  I wasn’t and am not complaining…it was just unexpected. 107 more words


Sears Fine Food

San Francisco is an amazing city for a number of reasons, but to my eye the quantity and quality of incredible signs tops the list. More to come…

San Francisco, September 2017

On The Road