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6 Essentials To Bring On A Roadtrip

There’s something about summer – the long days, the warm air and the excitement of new adventures – that makes us want to jump into a car with our friends and just drive some place new. 634 more words


The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade...

We walked a few blocks from Jeff and Celia’s apartment to 64th Street and Central Park West. We got there an hour before the parade started and there were already lots of people there. 84 more words


Happy Thanksgiving

Life is being wasted.  The human family is not having half the fun that is its due, not making the beautiful things it would make, and each one is not as good news to the other as he might be, just because we are educated off our natural track.   335 more words

Day 12: On the Road in Thandwe

Every year on the night of the full moon in November, everyone in Myanmar celebrates Ta Zaung Dine, a festival of light.  Away from the glare of the neon lights, the big orange moon shines extra bright. 61 more words



Call me crazy, but my favorite way to start Thanksgiving has nothing to do with food. 319 more words


Thanksgiving by Skype

Although participating in the Thanksgiving celebration on Skype doesn’t satisfy all the senses (smell, taste and touch), it did satisfy some (sound and sight). I connected three times during the day, following the various preparations from early morning (nothing on the stove at all) to mid-day (giant turkey in oven), to ‘nearly there.’ We remembered last year when the electricity went out and we huddled around the stove melting the snow for tea, coffee and other liquids. 271 more words


Every day it is getting a bit hotter – we are moving into the rainy season here in the mountains and the humidity is mounting by the day. 483 more words