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Skyline Saturday

Was driving again down that same street at that same intersection where I saw an R35 back when they were only imported.
That’s where I spotted this R32 Skyline GT-R.

Make My Days

La quoi?

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I try to translate the writing on the wall. 32 more words


Fall's beauty

It is mid of November and roses are still everywhere. Not all in full flower, but they still bring color to a sometimes rainy and grey day. 20 more words


In a rush

Well, not much to be said. Only this: I hope you appreciate as much as I do that the biker was carrying an orange back bag, harmonizing so well with the orange dots in the graffiti.


Fall's carpet

This small path in an apple orchard transformed itself into a red carpet made of colored leaves and dropped apples. You can still see some of the apples on the trees – waiting to be picked, until gravity gets its hold on them. 167 more words


Waiting for the bus – IV

Yes, another one.
It is not only that I wait quite often for the bus, I actually wait quite often at Republique, the central transportation hub of Rennes. 147 more words