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Reflections (Spiegelung)

(Palmengarten, Frankfurt am Main – October 2016)


Coffee break

Autumn coffee break.

It’s the season, when not so many things are more appealing than sitting home, drinking a tasty coffee or tea and reading a good book or watching your favourite series :)


Yellow leaves

As a child I never liked autumn. It was too cold, too wet and, most important, it represented the beginning of the new school year, the end of the summer holiday. 76 more words



Some beautiful typical Dutch windmills.

(Kinderdijk, Nederlands)


Obacht! Achtung!

Pay attention! There is always something beautiful to see.

We walk on the streets like zombies. Deep submerged in technology or thoughts. We might be passing a beautiful flower, a weird shaped cloud, a funny looking dog, a new street art… we don’t see any of them and we don’t care. 87 more words