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Researchers On The Verge Of Creating Artificial Intelligence/Human Hybrids


By Jake Anderson

There is a longstanding debate among artificial intelligence experts and futurists: When, not if, AI emerges on the scene, will it help humanity or destroy it? 639 more words

Daily News

The Election Is On The Verge of Being Stolen: The Globalists’ Three-Pronged Strategy

Source: The Common Sense Show, by Dave Hodges

If you write about controversy long enough, you will eventually hear from all sides. And I have heard from all sides. 636 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

France on the Verge of Total Collapse (GOOD!!!!)

  • France did not perceive it at the time, but it placed itself in a trap, and the trap is now closing.
  • In the 1970s, the Palestinians began to use international terrorism, and France chose to accept this terrorism so long as France was not affected.
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On The Verge Episode 7 [Halloween Edition]: Ft. R&B/Jazz Singer-Songwriter Una Angel


OTV is back again with another ‘Killer’ episode of our official radio & talk show, On The Verge! This is where you get the live action of news and music findings that you actually care about! 501 more words


Is the US on the Verge of a Mass Race Riot

Source: Passing Parade, by Stephen McBride

Ferguson, Baltimore, Ferguson (again), Milwaukee, Charlotte. Much has been made by the media of the recent riots that have taken place across America. 1,272 more words

Civil War/Unrest

On The Verge Radio Show: Episode 1 On WTBU Radio

You’re listening into 89.3 FM // 640 AM, Channel 6 on BU Cable and this is ON THE VERGE.

Today  was the Boston University chapter’s first ever premiere of its radio show “On The Verge.” Our chapter was really excited to get together our very own program on the renown college radio station WTBU Radio. 327 more words


47. Almost practically nearly more or less on the verge of something in French.

2016—21 August

Emmanuelle Devos (right) and Karin Viard in On a failli être amies, a 2014 film directed by Anne Le Ny.

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If someone were to ask you how to say “almost” in French, the odds are better than even that you’d say… 548 more words