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Is the US on the Verge of a Mass Race Riot

Source: Passing Parade, by Stephen McBride

Ferguson, Baltimore, Ferguson (again), Milwaukee, Charlotte. Much has been made by the media of the recent riots that have taken place across America. 1,272 more words

Civil War/Unrest

On The Verge Radio Show: Episode 1 On WTBU Radio

You’re listening into 89.3 FM // 640 AM, Channel 6 on BU Cable and this is ON THE VERGE.

Today  was the Boston University chapter’s first ever premiere of its radio show “On The Verge.” Our chapter was really excited to get together our very own program on the renown college radio station WTBU Radio. 327 more words


47. Almost practically nearly more or less on the verge of something in French.

2016—21 August

Emmanuelle Devos (right) and Karin Viard in On a failli être amies, a 2014 film directed by Anne Le Ny.

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If someone were to ask you how to say “almost” in French, the odds are better than even that you’d say… 549 more words

Choose the Form of the Destroyer

Looking at the events happening here and abroad lately leaves me to wonder if we are truly heading for the end of days, or at least an outbreak of all out war. 300 more words

On The Verge- Proposal

On the Verge proposal

My short film idea has changed three times, it’s difficult to settle on one idea when you have so many, more importantly it’s hard to find an idea that is accessible to do as a film student, I realised that the first story you think of should be half less complicated and complex. 667 more words

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Evaluation- On The Verge


I feel as though I did meet the requirements of the brief, I created a short film of which is between the three to five minute time allowance, I think it was a clear idea that the audience can grasp and project their own ideas on it; meaning I’ve left it vague enough or mysterious enough for the viewers to each have a personal thought and experience whilst watching it. 1,654 more words

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Meeting Minutes- On The Verge

Meeting minutes- On the verge

Date/time: Topic: Name: Discussion: 02/06//2016

11:00AM Pre-Production Rebecca Edge

James Edge

Firstly our characters smoke therefore we had to set aside £5 in order to buy them. 366 more words

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