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Scary or Stupid: 5 Truths about Taylor Swift

The world is collapsing into bows and curtsies as Taylor Swift holds auditions for the next tall, thin, famous super-model who might be allowed to cash in for gracing the headlines as part of her 7th grade schoolgirl-style clique. 1,722 more words

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WE can’t fix Islamic terrorism...but I know who can

So, the world suffered yet another terrorist attack a couple of days ago in Paris.  Six separate but coordinated attacks conducted against targets like a soccer match, a concert hall, restaurants and cafes.  2,201 more words


Designing Worlds' visit to Virtual Health Adventures is now on the web!

The latest episode of Designing Worlds – a visit to Virtual Health Adventures, a fascinating academic project in Second Life  offering very practical help to a disadvantaged community, people who have undergone a real life amputation of at least one upper or lower limb – is now on the web. 217 more words

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Happy 200th Birthday George Boole!

Today (November 2, 2015) is the 200th Birthday of the mathematician George Boole.  To celebrate, here is a fantastic song and video created specially for this occasion. 219 more words


Things go bump in the night for New Babbage - now on Designing Worlds!

The latest episode of Designing Worlds – a Halloween visit to New Babbage – is now on the web.

Explosions may not cause much panic in New Babbage, but when it causes two of New Babbage’s finest sandhogs (one of whom is the redoubtable Mr Jebediah Biggins) to disappear into the darkest recesses of the catacombs, a rescue mission is rapidly under way. 85 more words

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Tea Production

Articles from 2013:

How poverty wages for tea pickers fuel India’s trade in child slavery


“Millions of Brits drink a cup of Assam tea each day, but it comes at a terrible price. 327 more words

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5 Web Products For Farmers

Farming in the Digital Age: 5 Web Products for Farmers

1. FarmLogs

Farmlogs is a free online crop management tool. The mapping, activity tracker, budgeting, satellite monitoring, and other features are all part of what a good crop management tool should offer. 296 more words

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