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On the Web: Chocolate and Global Justice

“Paula’s Class Learns about Chocolate and Global Justice

Paula Rogovin, New York, New York

The goal of my first grade class is not to answer to all the many questions, but to find different ways to find answers to those questions. 19 more words

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On the Web: Direct Trade versus Fair Trade

from Yes Magazine:

“What’s Fairer than Fair Trade? Try Direct Trade With Cocoa Farmers:
Fair trade is good, but it still leaves cocoa growers in poverty. 29 more words

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On the Web: Bananas and Fair Trade

I Was at Whole Foods Yesterday.

Good to see they had Fair Trade Certified Bananas (Both Organically Grown and Not Organically Grown).

I went for the Organic ones. 155 more words

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On the Web: Global March Against Child Labor

Global March Against Child Labour
Global March Contra el Trabajo Infintil
Global March Contre le Travail des Enfants


Chairperson-Global March Against Child Labour, India… 123 more words

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On the web: Green America's Ending Sweatshops Campaign

from Green America:

“Sweatshops and child labor are a growing problem, particularly in clothing and textiles. And many popular agricultural products, from coffee to bananas to cut flowers, are grown under terrible conditions. 58 more words

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On the web: A World of Hurt: 8 Things You Didn’t Know Were Made with Sweatshop Labor

from Green America:

“Trade is essential for any economy—or community—to thrive, but not all trade is equal. Our globalized economy makes it easy for companies to use the cheapest labor they can find anywhere in the world, even through means of exploitation, while also making it harder for people to know anything about the conditions under which their goods were made. 14 more words

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Humour makes a Hero out of Hawkeye

If you haven’t seen the latest Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon with guest Jeremy Renner, you are missing out.

I always love to see people in general who have a sense of humour about themselves, and when it’s about an actor pretending to be a superhero who is not as super or heroic as the rest of his do-good gang, it’s even more hilarious. 86 more words