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Get ready for Dark Legacy

Time for a self-promotional post, just to remember to everybody out there that there’s a new e-book incoming, hard and fast like any science fiction… 82 more words


We Fight Back - The dual nature of the Darkness

This will be a long post. I hope it will be interesting too, because this arguments are the basis for some of my next projects. So, let’s start with the basics; there’s an ongoing conflict between the creatures of our plan (the reality we know) and a number of different creatures that comes from somewhere else (let’s say, other realities or different plans of this reality). 751 more words


On Worldbuilding: Fluid History

John: “Hey there, Jeremy, what do you know about holes?”

Jeremy HIllary Boob, PhD: “There are simply no holes in my education.”

–Yellow Submarine

If you’ve ever watched any kind of documentary or series, there’s always some element of “we’re not entirely sure what happened at this point in time, but we can make an educated guess by looking at the following clues” or some such.   522 more words

On Writing

The Worst Advice I've Ever Heard About Writing

There’s lots of advice out there about writing and about how to be a better writer. Weather it’s about formatting or about the craft, most of the conventional wisdom is just plain bad.   993 more words

On Writing

Silent Protagonists: Behind the Controller or Nose in a Book

E3 2015 has come around again and brought us a plethora of new game announcements to anticipate in the next year. New games, DLCs, sequels, remakes, re-mastered editions, all your gaming needs from Nintendo, Bethesda, Blizzard, Ubisoft and other big names and independent publishers. 729 more words


Brewing a Fine Story: My Writing Process

My good virtual friend Rodalena has invited me to join a blog roll, addressing the question, “What is your writing process?” After reading her engaging entry, I was tempted to write one that simply said, 577 more words


The Typewriter Project: Creating The Power of Story

Running down the stairs, she giggles at the adventure she’s about to go on. Slowly, she sneaks around the corner to the hidden room and very gently pulls the cord dangling in the middle of the room. 766 more words

The Power Of Story