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When I say I read a lot....

When I say that I #Read a lot of #Magazines I am not kidding. In a day I read in various forms. A novel, a non-fiction book, material to specifically strengthen my writing. 270 more words

How To (Re)write: Backspace is Your Friend

Deleting words is just as important as writing them. When you’re trying to hit that desired 50,000, 75,000, 100,000 or whatever word count, you’re not focused on things to keep and get rid of. 247 more words


Polishing a Diamond in the Rough—aka, Your First Draft

I fear the second draft. While other writers use this time to carve their rough diamonds to perfection, I stare at my manuscripts and wonder how to start. 387 more words



Back from Norwescon and it was AMAZING!

Gregg wore his armor again, with a couple of extra pieces that he did, and new findings to make everything a bit more polished. 859 more words

On Writing

Writing no matter what

What do you do when your body can’t get along with your mind? You want to write, you have ideas in your head, but you’re tired, sick, or mentally unable to focus. 460 more words

On Writing

When Fantasy Meets Reality - Authors Edition

I reflected on the first time I opened the book “The Phantom Tollbooth” yesterday. The feeling of anticipation, excitement, and absolute awe that words could transport me to somewhere that wasn’t home, was overwhelming. 892 more words


Youth and the Guiding Stars of Age

So if we are blessed with the liberated spirit aura of youth profound, it is only with the fading twilight of a new day that releases the wisdom of a keen myriad of ancient guiding stars.   889 more words