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(Not so) Great Starts

The upside is that I’ve already gotten a good couple thousand words in on Meet the Lidwells!  Most of the text is coming straight from the very rough draft I wrote a few years back, of course, but it’s going in the right direction. 323 more words

On Writing

Inspiration - Recreation into Writing

Recreation is an important part of my life. When you spend 8 hours a day writing as your job, and then get home and plug into your own personal writing (or articles as a freelance writer), the brain can burn out very quickly. 908 more words


Writing science fiction - more free tools for the trade

In my latest post (here) I’ve suggested a couple free MOOC in order to acquire more knowledge about selected matters, the idea is to keep myself in touch with the latest development of science and to suggest the same to my fellow writers. 334 more words


Community Writing: Critique Thy Neighbour

I’m part of a writer’s group. Several in fact,  although I’m far more active in the more social group than the others and that’s just because it’s more convenient for me. 611 more words

On Writing

Writing science fiction - free tools for the trade

One of the biggest challenges for a writer who wants to write science fiction is to be up-to-date with the most recent developments of real world science, not to mention the constant upgrade of the speculations about the nature of our universe. 299 more words


2017 Translations – The Other Slipper in Español

Last year I mentioned I have a few more translations in the pipeline for release this year. The good news is, as well as Spanish, German and Portuguese translations, I’m branching out into Italian! 295 more words

Writer's Inadequacy

Writer’s block is one thing. The feeling of blanking out, that you can’t  start writing even when you have ideas – the daunting blank page of doom. 575 more words

On Writing