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Writer's life=Ramen?

A friend on Facebook thought about me and linked me to this Article . Please read the article before reading the rest of his post. 2,337 more words

The Mystery of the Disappearing Modern Day Novella: Why Length Shouldn't Matter 

I occasionally get asked by my readers why some of my books are short. And by short I mean between 30 and 60,000 words. In fact only three of my books are what the industry accepts as novel length. 599 more words

On Writing Longhand

I’ve been writing and editing via my PC for so long that it still feels weird to be writing new things longhand.  The last major project I wrote longhand was… 774 more words

On Writing

Book Review. Gods of Noonday.

Gods of NoonDay

A white girl’s African life.


Elaine Niel Orr


University of Virginia Press

Ohhh this was a hard read! I agonized every bit of it. 862 more words

Book Review. Love Walked In.

Love Walked In


Marisa De Los Santos


A Plume book published by The Penguin Group

At first I thought this book more than slightly immature and set more as a young adults type of novel. 567 more words

On Writing- Behind The White Gate. NaNo Novel. What's Next?

After NaNoWriMo; Behind The White Gate. What next?

So I’ve read Stephen King’s book On Writing. I’ve spent a month coking crockpot meal’s and getting up early every day and writing with out distraction (God I love my life). 366 more words

Old Q.

Anyone with a guiater

and a high pitched voice

Trying for the high’s

When they can’t reach the low’s.

Your voice doesn’t sound as I hear it… 120 more words